It Takes Two

Hey everyone, I’m on overload with all the promo and getting ready for Desert Dreams and RT.  Thank goodness, I’m two. We’ve split up the workload and I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I’ll get though this after all. But I sure don’t know how you girls with full time day jobs do it. I had a very busy last week and it really put me behind with my writing. And my house, well that’s another story. I may have to break down and do some laundry soon, we’re about to run out of clothes.

I did make corned beef & cabbage for St. Paddy’s day. It turned out pretty good. For years we celebrated the day with our good friends, Bill and Mikel and she did the cooking, but they moved to WA last year,  so it was left up to me. I tried a different recipe for the carrots and used a brown sugar glaze. I have to say they were yummy. Easy to do too. Just cover baby carrots in water and simmer till tender then drain and return to pan, Pampered Chef skillet of course, then add butter and brown sugar and heat till glazed. Easy enough.

Okay, back to my promo. Tia Dani may try and put a basket together for Desert Dreams raffel. I’ll have to call Susan and see if there’s still time. I think today might be the last day to let her know. I need to check on that. I always put everything off till the very last minute. Someday I’ll change this bad habit. Well, someday I’ll work on changing this habit.

Oh, we have our edits back for Color Of Dreams. We’ll be working on them just as soon as Tia gets back from Florida. Our editor asked us not to get them back to her to quickly.  She is very busy right now too, and said for us to take our time. Works for us since one of us is on vacation.

Tia and I still talk by phone or im’s everyday. Good thing I have unlimited long distance, I think we were on the phone for 3 hours yesterday. We did manage, however, to plot out another book.  It will be a follow up for Color Of Dreams.  We love our characters so much from CoD that a couple of them will show up in our next book too. We’re hoping that everyone will love them as much as we do.

Well, I best be getting back to work. Here’s wishing everyone has a great day and gets everything accomplished that they have on their ‘to do’ list for today. As for me, I hardly know where to start, but I’d better get at something before the day gets away from me. Maybe I need to make a list. Speaking of list, I’m making a list of reasons why team writing is a good thing. I’m really finding out how much it works for me. Like I said earlier, thank goodness I’m two, and how in the world do you all keep up with everything and take care of your family and hold down a day job?  Writers are amazing!

Talk to you later.

Dani/Tia Dani

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