Family BBQ

I have been inundated with family the past few days. My son is home from his one year tour with the National Guard in Afghanistan, my brother flew in from Wisconsin, my sister flew in from New Mexico, and my nephew drove in from Duncan, AZ. All within 2 days of each other. Whew! My other sister lives here in town and I’m happy to say we see each other almost every weekend.

But this has been the first time we’ve all been together since, well, since my mother passed away almost 7 years ago. So it was a good thing to have everyone together for happier times. 

There’s always good natured bantering, ribbing, story telling and teasing going on when we all get together. Something I’ve missed…horribly.

Tina and Isabella have both posted about conference tips and yes, they are magnificent little tidbits of helpful information but I’d like to bring everyone back to Earth for just a minute and take time out for your family.

 Writers are reclusive when they write. Hours are spent typing away page after page. We get wrapped up in the worlds and characters we create and tend to forget about the flesh and blood characters, yes, I said characters, right in front of us every day.

As I look at my calendar for the month of April and realize how full it already is I plan to take full advantage of the time I do have with my family and enjoy every minute of it.

That’s all folks!

Kayla Janz

3 responses to “Family BBQ

  1. Kayla, I agree. It’s hard to find family time, when you’re trying with everything you have inside to kick butt starting the new career. Thanks for the reminder. Isabella


  2. My family always got together like that when I came home in the summer. They’d drive from all over to gather. Now they are almost all gone. Enjoy it will your whole heart, time and energy.


  3. Kayla, that is so nice to have everyone together. I haven’t had that in years. Enjoy.


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