The Origins of April Fools Day

Yes, I know I’m a couple days late for this day, but I got to thinking.  When did this crazy day all begin?  Well, I decided to do some research and came away with, well, with hardly anything.  The actual origin of the day is unknown.  There are a number of people that believe it started in the Middle Ages.  Some jokes were discovered in France in the 16th century, but it seems to be the case that this time period was a continuation of previous years. The day became more popular in the 18th century, particularly in Great Britain.

Now the day is celebrated not only in the US, but Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and even over on the other side of the world to Japan.

I didn’t get caught this year, but I’ve been nabbed a couple times, but I always try to pay the culprit back the next year. J

Lynne Logan  

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