Live from Pittsburgh…It’s RT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, we are smack dab in the middle of the Romantic Times conference 2008. Fellow BMGs in attendance are Cassie Ryan, Lynne Logan, Tia Dani, Isabella Clayton & Kayce Lassiter. So far a great time is being had by all.

Tonight is the Faery Ball and I’m very excited to say this is my first time as a member of the Court. Lots of glitter, wings and beautiful gowns. But, I must say my favorite thing about this conference is the one on one connection with the readers.

This is why we write. For the readers. Yes, we write for ourselves, too. Don’t get me wrong, but if it wasn’t for the readers and the lovers of books everywhere we would be out of a job.

I’ve made some great connections so far this week and met some wonderful new people. Now all we need is the hotel to order some Buttershots and we’ll be in great shape! Although we did find a great little bar in downtown Pittsburgh, The Steel City Bar & Grill, on First Ave & Smithfield, where the bartender made them perfectly.

Well, I’m off and running again. Maybe Cassie will tell you all about how she saved me from being run down by a city bus.

Hugs and kisses,

Ciao ~

Kayla Janz

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