More Live from RT!!!!

Thanks to Kayla for yesterday’s lead in.  As you can tell by the time stamp we are getting a bit of a late start today, but I’ll try to be coherent!

As for the bus incident—Kayla and Isabella and I were walking toward Starbucks (aka the Elixir of Life) and we were talking and laughing as usual.  (Yes, shocking, I know…lol)  Anyway, I was midsentence answering Kayla when I realized she was walking in the street and a bus was barreling toward her.

He showed no signs of slowing down.

No horn, no tapping the brakes—this guy was deciding how many points she was worth.

I reached out and grabbed her jacket and pulled her out of the street without interrupting my flow of words.

Her first reaction was to look down and furrow her brow at me.  I’m sure the phrase, “What the hell are you doing?” was sprinting through her mind at that moment.

But then the bus whizzed past and her mouth dropped open as the realization that she was almost a permanent indent in the bus grille registered.


Now onto other news…

Yesterday was the longest day of the conference for me and I’m feeling appropriately exhausted today.

Fairy Court rehearsals and set up happened pretty much all day and I had to jump in and out as my schedule permitted.  My paranormal panel was terrific, and I felt very honored to be on a panel with such great authors.  My fellow panel members were Vivi Anna, Delilah Devlin, Megan Hart and Lora Leigh and Sasha White was nice enough to pinch hit as a Moderator since Cheyenne McCray was quadruple booked   The audience seemed to laugh and enjoy all our musings rather than running away in horror, so that’s always a good thing.  Then I had the Kensington Author’s cocktail party at a nearby restaurant.  I had a terrific time chatting with Kate Duffy, Maureen (I didn’t catch her last name, but she does some PR for Kensington), Rosemary Laurey and Karen Kelley.

The Fairy Ball last night was absolutely amazing!!  I wore a floor length black and red satin and lace dress along with some red shiny fake eyelashes, huge black wings and about five pounds of glitter all over me.  (We’ll have to post pics when we get back to Phoenix.)  The ball was great, the costumes entered in the costume contest were absolutely wonderful and creative, the decorations fun and classy and the food very good.  Our book covers and pictures flashed on the screen throughout and it was a terrific night.  After the dancing was in full swing, we ventured downstairs to the lobby bar only to find out that they still didn’t have Buttershots for our Butterscotch Martinis in the lobby bar.  Of course, after I ordered a different drink, Kayla told us that the pub in the hotel had Buttershots – damn!  LOL. Oh well.  We had to get back up to the ballroom and help tear everything down anyway.  So, you can imagine us dragging our tired butts back to the room at about 1am with a small cloud of glitter furling in our wake.  There were two poor bellboys going from door to door with a list of rooms hanging someone’s promo bags on every door that had RT attendees inside—I’m hoping we didn’t choke them with a few large inhales of glitter.

As soon as I hit the room, the dress came off and I was walking around in my bra and underwear and heading toward the bathroom to wash off the worst of the glitter and to try to brush it out of my hair.  Isabella had left her phone downstairs and needed to go back down, so she opened the door and then turned back to talk to me.  Unfortunately, one of the bellboys had just stopped in front of our door.  The poor guy stood with mouth open, promo bag suspended in the air looking past Isabella at me in all my half naked glory.  I’m just glad I had some cute polka dotty bikini undies and my nice black bra on.  One of those long moments later, Isabella finally realized she was holding the door open and went outside and closed it.  Oh well—guess if that was my one embarrassing moment for the conference, it wasn’t too horrible…LOL.

As for today, we slept in late (after trying to wash as much glitter out of the bottom of the shower as possible!) and are now down in the lobby with our laptops.  🙂

Tomorrow is Kayce’s turn to blog, so maybe she will tell you about why she is a stranger magnet.  🙂

That’s it for now!  I’m off to find a Monster drink and try to finish waking up.


2 responses to “More Live from RT!!!!

  1. I can’t see a time stamp. You’re a hero!


  2. Thanks Brit! 🙂 I posted about 1:45pm Pittsburgh time. We didn’t get up until 10…LOL



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