Even more from RT 2008

I’m posting late tonight because I spent most of the day traveling and just arrived home an hour ago.

I read Kayce’s post and am disappointed I missed her water bottle demonstration. Pictures would have been great. But have I got a story for you!

Rewind back to Thursday night to the Faery Ball. Isabella, Kayce and myself all ended up in line together on one side of the stage. Iz in front of me and Kayce in line behind. Well, like I said, “Faery Ball” which means wings are involved.

Apparently my wings were brushing against Kayce’s chest, I say chest, to keep this PG. As she tells me this I burst into a fit of laughter which causes my wings to move and well, brush certain chest parts again. So, since my wings got to second base with Kayce she now expects an engagement ring or at least a long term commitment. I’ll have to break it to her gently. 😦

Speaking of wings, Isabella and I grew bored waiting in line and started a wing war. This is where you attack each other only using your wings. Quite fun when you’re standing in one spot for half an hour in high heels and your feet are killing you. The cover models who were to escort us across the stage looked at us like we were little kids or something. If they only knew how childish we can be! We decided they were waaaaaay too young to understand and we would break them. Teehehehehe. (Cassie & Iz can explain that one if they wish)

So RT 2008 is over and plans for the 2009 bash in Orlando, Fl are already underway. I am exhausted and would do it over again in a heartbeat if I had the chance. What am I saying? I will do it again!

Off and running ~


Kayla Janz

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