I’m off to Denver…

Here I sit at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix waiting for breakfast—thankfully they serve a real live breakfast in the bar here.  And no smart-alec assumptions 🙂  I’m drinking water.  Not even my stomach can handle alcohol this early in the morning unless I’ve not been to bed yet – and the last time I tried that out was quite a few years ago…lol!

You can probably tell I’m not totally awake yet, but I wanted to do a quick blog so everyone didn’t think I disappeared off the planet for a few days.  This week has been very hectic, both getting ready for this trip, taking care of a sick hubby, getting kiddo ready for end of year stuff, not to mention working on my deadline and a thousand other things.  But I’m thankful to be so busy—it’s much better than being bored!

So, back to the point—can you tell I haven’t had my Starbucks yet this morning?  Anyway, I’m headed to Denver to speak at the Heart of Denver Romance Writer’s chapter.  I’m speaking on “The Life of a Writer:  Is It All Really Glamour & Bon Bons?”  And if you don’t know the answer to that—maybe you need to hear this talk as well 🙂  I’m staying with my friend Lizzie T Leaf while I’m there and she told me we are having some party time tonight, so look out Denver!

I’m only there for today, I speak tomorrow and then head home tomorrow night.  A quick trip.  So I figured, no problem – a change of clothes, my toiletries bag, a few of my books for giveaways, handouts for the workshop (and a freaking coat! after I found out it’s only going to get up to 60 degrees or so there!) and some promo items.  One of those tiny suitcases you can pull behind you—my laptop bag and I’m all set, right?

I checked in at one of those little kiosks in a record six minutes from start to finish and then as I was standing in the security line craving a Chai Tea Latte, I realized that my toiletries bag was NOT going to fit into one of those little quart bags to make it though security.


So, back I went downstairs to admit I had a space moment, and check my tiny suitcase.  Lucky for me, the people in front of me had done much stupider things (namely wanted to carry on their bowie knives and were protesting that they couldn’t carry them on the plane.)  So by the time I got up to the desk—the harried counter clerk was very happy to have a friendly person with an easy request!!

Luckily I was also nice to the lady up at the security line, who recognized me from my second attempt and allowed me to jump into the employees security line so I didn’t have to start all over.  See!  It pays to be nice! 

Anyway, that brings me back to here in the bar where Linda and Charlotte have served me some very good eggs, bacon and toast, and keep refilling my water before it even dips below half full.  It probably didn’t hurt that I let them chat me up about my pink Mac laptop, gave them bookmarks and “Got Seduction” buttons from my Seduction series and answered their questions about what it’s like to be a romance writer.

I really do love readers—their enthusiasm always makes it easier for me to sit down and push through a really hard scene—which I will doing on the plane if I have enough elbow room in coach to put the laptop on the little fold down table.  So wish me luck!

I’m not sure I’ll be able to get back online until I’m sitting in the airport tomorrow night in Denver waiting to come back, but I hope everyone has a great weekend!


One response to “I’m off to Denver…

  1. Have a great time in Denver and say hi to Lizzie for me. Wish I was going with you, well, maybe not since it’s so cold there. lol. Safe trip. See you when you get back home.


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