Everyday Heroes

It’s been a long while since I posted a hero of the month, but I’ve been watching the news lately and with cyclones, earth quakes and general, every day violent crime, I thought it was too long since my last hero.

After all, I write romance, and the hero is paramount in my stories, but hero’s are far more important in our day to day lives.

I decided to pick someone that has been stabbed, shot at and been generally overlooked in the public eye. After all what can a dog do, right?

Well, it seems a lot. Especially if you’re a police dog named Anya. Without her bravery, her dog handler, officer Neil Sampson, might very well be dead. Sampson tried to fight off a frenzied attack from a knife-welding assailant. With four knife wounds to his legs and long cuts to his face and head, he would have been a lot worse if Anay hadn’t fought off his assailant despite being stabbed in the chest herself.

Anay and Neil Sampson have made a full recovery.

“Anya’s a very motivated, fast dog,” says Sampson. “She’s like a jack-in-the-box on Red Bull. “She’s full on, but, my God, I’m happy she’s mine.”

Thank you Anya and all the dog handlers out there who train these remarkable dogs.

Lynne Logan

3 responses to “Everyday Heroes

  1. Lynne, what a great story. I’m so glad both Neil and Anya are fully recovered. She’s a real hero in my book.



  2. Hi Lynne, Thanks for posting this story about Anya. She is beautiful and definitely a hero.


  3. Thanks Linda and Tia Dani. There’s always so much negatives on the news and in papers, I tend to forget about all the great things people do.


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