Donald Maass workshop

As I’ve blogged before about taking a Donald Maass workshop in July.  I had asked several people who have taken the class a lot of questions.  One of them is, Do I need to do anything special?  No, you’ll have a great time.  Relax…said the spider to the fly.

Well, I got the email this week going over the workshop logistics and everything we need to bring.  To my amazement I have homework.  Whew, how much time do I have left before the class?  2 weeks, yikes!

One of the items they would like is a brief note regarding my goals for the workshop.  Well, of course I want to sell my book, have it sell a million copies, have it enable me to be a NY Times best selling author, have it show up as the top list in Publishers Weekly, and have it win tons of awards.  Maybe I want to build a world like Sherrilyn Kenyon and have everyone dress as my characters at a convention celebrating my book.  Yeah, well dreams do come true.

Come to the class having already read his book writing a breakout novel.  No biggie, been there done that. 🙂 – Whew, one thing I’ve done.

I need to bring fifty pages and synopsis – what?  I thought I would do updates in the workshop – so I haven’t been working on it.  NO!!!  OMG, I really need to get it ready.

I need to put all my scenes on index cards.  Again, OMG – do I have all my scenes.  Are they in a state that I can share them with others?  Do I share well with others?

I need to also bring six copies of my chapters so I can get into a critique group.  I also need to bring paper in case I need to print.  OMG, at this point I’m wondering if I know what paper is, can I work a printer.  I’m clutzy and am in a panic mode.

I can also bring a tape recorder.  Just in case I would like to record my one-on-one consultations.  OMG, I’m pitching.

They also have a great loop for the workshop so the authors can ask questions and get to know each other.  OMG, another loop!!!

Okay, I have to get all this done while working 10 hour days, playing with my cats, seeing friend and family, doing critiques, working on taxes I still don’t have done, getting my car worked on, do fourth of July, and well of course I need to sleep.

No in all seriousness, I’m excited and re-engergized to really get my book published.  I can’t wait and I’ll give everyone updates I progress down Maass lane.

Isebella, really going grey and needing a good drink.

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