I’ve been a bad blogger of late and I apologize for this. Sunday is supposed to be my day for posting and I have a tendency to forget.

But today I remembered. And my topic for discussion is inspiration. Inspiration can come to a writer in many shapes, forms and ideas.

Back in April, during the Romantic Times BOOKlover’s convention in Pittsburgh I was standing in line at the bar. I casually glance around the room to see who else was about when this short older woman with dark, short hair gets in line behind me. I turn to see who the person is and then turn back around. It took about 2 full seconds for my brain to realize who she was.

Bertrice Small.

Yes, the author of the very first romance novel I ever read now stood not 12 inches away from me. OMG!

Like a star struck idiot I turned around and introduced myself. Blathering and stammering like a complete fool I manage to stop my hands from shaking enough to shake hers. She was a doll.

The woman actually blushed when I told her Skye O’Malley was the very first romance novel I read. She asked questions about my writing, where I wanted my career to go and she squeezed my hand one last time and said, “Don’t ever give up on your dream. I wish you all the success in the world, Kayla.”

I floated on cloud nine for the next 2 days of the convention. Saturday rolls around and now we have the massive booksigning with every author of the romance genre you could possibly imagine signing their books, taking pictures with fans, and just being the wonderful people they are. Bertrice Small has an entire table to herself. One of the perks of being a big name author for 20+ years, and what is she signing? Ballantine has rereleased Skye O’Malley in trade paperback. She remembered me from our bar encounter 2 nights past. How cool was that? Anyway, she signed my brand new copy and I happily went on my way.

The moral to the story and how this relates to inspiration?

Just like Ms. Small told me. Never give up on your dream.

Happy Writing Everyone,

Kayla Janz

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