Big dreams. Big goals…Big wins.

Big dreams. Big goals…Big wins.


I signed up for the Heather Graham’s Writers for New Orleans conference (The Original Heather Graham)August 29-31 and am very excited about going. Some of the BMG’s went last year and raved about what a great time they had and I was a bit irritated I wasn’t able to go. This year I saw the ad and something inside told me I need to be at this conference. I pushed the thought away and went about my business.

A couple of days later I saw the ad again, and then again in yet another place. Things happen in threes.

Every time I saw the advertisement the little voice in my head kept repeating I needed to be there and grew more and more insistent. Yes, I hear voices in my head but they usually belong to characters who want their story written, not directing me where to go!

So I listened to the voice, signed up and bought a plane ticket. Now what?

I wasn’t sure what to expect and will be stepping waaaaaaayy out of my comfort zone by going alone. Alas, none of the BMG’s can make it this year but, for some unexplained reason I’m okay with this.

That insistent voice in my head has calmed down. I’ve discovered I have an editor appointment set up. Must admit I’m a little nervous and excited about this. I get as antsy as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs around editors. Which in a very round a bout way brings me to the title of this blog.


Big dreams – every author has them. It is what keeps us up at 3am when the story is flowing and you can’t stop. The fact we will have bags under our eyes and are dead exhausted the next day is irrelevant…at the time. J


Big goals – my goals have grown with my writing. As an aspiring author my first goal was to get published. Once I met that goal, my next goal was to publish another, and another. It still is. The idea of not writing doesn’t compute in my circuitry. Now the goal is New York.


Big wins – This covers a very broad spectrum. The wins have come in the forms of publishing contracts, new friends, business opportunities, travel, fantastic conventions and conferences personal growth and the satisfaction of knowing I can succeed. This may sound arrogant but I know I can and will be successful at whatever I put my mind to.


There, I’m stepping down from my soap box and leaving you with this final question.


What are you made of?



Kayla J

3 responses to “Big dreams. Big goals…Big wins.

  1. Wish I was going with you Kayla. Maybe next year. This year I’ll be with you in spirit. Good luck! Oh, bring back pictures.


  2. Thanks Dani. I wish you were going with me too! I’ll bring back lots of pictures. 🙂


  3. Here’s wishing you a big win!


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