Sweet Sunday

Sunday Chores

I didn’t really have anything to blog about today. As you can see I’m busy with um…housework. Enjoy your Sunday.


6 responses to “Sweet Sunday

  1. Kayla,

    I’m a sucker for blue eyes too. Now about this picture of the guy drying dishes–mighty fine!

    That’s eye candy at its finest. 🙂


  2. Hey Kayla, can I borrow him for today? I’m doing the big move today and I could sure use his help. He looks like a pretty good worker.



  3. Hi Tia,
    Once he’s finished the dishes I’ll send him over to you.


  4. I’m thinking the birthday girl should get him for the day today…and I wouldn’t have him drying my dishes either!



  5. I am thinkin Kayce has a better idea… You go girl!


  6. Isn’t he lovely?!


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