Hot Stuff from a New Writer

Check out the info below from Buffy Christopher.  If you haven’t checked out her book, The Mating Moon, you’re missing out! 🙂

Free Read and Contest

It’s almost February! That means Valentine’s Day! Which of course means contests and free stuff YAY!

Buffy Christopher will be posting an erotic short story at
on February 1st. Also starting that day her Valentine’s Day Contest will start.

You will have to read the story and answer one question about
the story then email her the answer to enter. Not hard. The winner will be picked via randomizer and will receive a copy of The Mating Moon.

Here’s a little teaser:

“Diana, really, you’ll regret this in the morning.” His back hit the wall and he stopped.

Diana stood toe to toe with him now, his gorgeous artist’s hands pressed against the wall. His disheveled dark hair just long enough to tangle around his face. His tanned skin glowing in the low lights of the living room, his sleep shirt clinging to the muscles of his chest.

“What I’m going to regret,” she dropped her voice into a husky seduction, “is if I don’t do the one thing I’ve always wanted to do in my life.”  Boldly she leaned in, her shoes making her just the right height to reach his six three frame. She brushed her lips gently over his. Tiny electrical sparks fired inside of her and suddenly she needed more.

Do you want more? Then visit Buffy’s site on February 1st

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