Sunset cruise on the Lake

Last night the dh and I went on a sunset cruise dinner party on Alexis Walker and her significant other Bob’s houseboat. Now, when I say houseboat I mean, 3 stories above the water. Magnificent, every amenity you could ask for and no yard to maintain. There had to be a good dozen of us on board and we set out across the lake late afternoon to head up river, find a fairly quiet spot, (the wind picked up) and have dinner. A sheer rock cliff wall I have no idea how tall worked as a great buffer and we ate the fabulous feast Bob cooked up.

After dinner we started back down the river to the lake proper to experience an amazing sunset. The bright yellow ball of light slowly dipped toward the horizon and turned a brilliant orange, then burnt umber before sliding behind the mountains. If any of you haven’t experienced an Arizona sunset you’re missing out. The sky turns a gorgeous shade of purple before the black of night begins to settle in. If I had to sum it up in one word…Amazing.

Once the ginormous boat got tucked safely back in its slip the stars came out. When you’re far enough outside the city lights the stars are in abundance and bright. We drank, sat, relaxed, talked with friends and I believe a great time was had by all.

On a very silly note, (sigh) my husband. {shaking head even as I type} decided on the walk from the docks to the parking lot that everyone needed to skip. Yes, I typed correctly, skip. So here we are, a large group of adults skipping across the dock. People on the other boats in the marina probably thought we were all out of our minds, but, hey, like I said, fun was had by all.

So anyway, in the illustrious words of Kayce Lassiter…hold on tight, cuz we’re gonna go real fast.


Kayla Janz 

One response to “Sunset cruise on the Lake

  1. Had a fantastic time. Ate way too much, drank a lot, but not too much, and really enjoyed myself with the wonderful company and beautiful scenery. The lake was perfect and the houseboat, gorgeous! I’m ready to do it again. Oh, and I was late crossing the dock and didn’t have to skip. Whew! Not sure I could have made it.


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