Cassie Ryan & Tina Gerow news!

Hi everyone!

I know I’ve been in deep lurk lately shackled to my laptop typing furiously 🙂  But even though I’m on a tight deadline at the moment, I wanted to come out to play and tell everyone about some great news!

First – a biggie that I was keeping under wraps until I could announce.  (I thought I was going to explode not telling the world until this was ready!)  I just finalized a 2 Book Deal this week with Berkley for a series tentatively called Jane Doe Succubus which is about four succubuses who are in Hell’s version of the witness relocation program.  It will be written under my Cassie Ryan name and will be smoking hot just like my other Cassie titles 🙂

In other news, the third book in my Seduction trilogy, Trio of Seduction, releases on July 29th!  I’m excited to finish up the trilogy, but sad to say goodbye to all those characters I loved spending time with.  Those princes were just so yummy and hot!

Also, last but definitely not least is a re-release of one of my Tina Gerow stories.  Fantasy Quest which used to be in the Warriors Gone Wild anthology has been released on its own as an eBook through Sapphire Blue Publishing.  It’s been revamped and has a fun, new cover, so check it out!

With all that, I’m back to writing!


2 responses to “Cassie Ryan & Tina Gerow news!

  1. Congratulations, Tina/Cassie!! Awesome news.


  2. Awesome news! And what a great high concept idea.


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