Writer Gives Away Firstborn To Attract Readers

Lisa PietschHi!  I’m Lisa Pietsch, the new Butterscotch Martini Girl.  I blogged here once a long, long time ago as a guest, but now I’ve got my very own martini glass!  (I still prefer tequila, but what the other girls don’t know won’t hurt them.)

You’re probably wondering about the headline?

Well, it’s true!  I’m giving away my firstborn book, The Path to Freedom.  No contest, no catch –  just take it, read it, share it with a friend if you’re so inclined.

Just go to the front page of my website, click on the picture and you’ll be downloading a PDF version that will happily make it’s home on your computer, smartphone, tablet, Nook or Kindle.  No catch.  Click & enjoy!

Note: If you like it, please be sure to leave me a note in the comments below or leave a review on Amazon.

Here’s a little about the book:

the path to freedom, lisa pietsch, free bookThe Path to Freedom

Book 1 in the Task Force 125 Series
In the war on terror…sometimes the best weapon is a woman…
Sarah Stevens is a washed-up military cop whose life is a shambles until she is offered a position as an agent with the CIA.
The thirty-year-old, overweight, down-on-her-luck Stevens goes to a secret training camp where she is transformed into a sexy and deadly agent whose mission is to stop, by any means possible, the financiers of terrorism against the United States and its allies.
Sarah soon discovers that this is an exciting new life loaded with adventure, danger and undeniable temptations…

Get it now!

5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful read…, July 19, 2009

This book is about a young female officer who gains too much weight in military and then is discharged because of this issue. She then is lured into a government program that transforms her into a high profile spy that purges the wicked ways of some very high profile terrorists to obstruct plans that could lead to disastrous situations. She also falls in love in the process.

I love the fact that this book takes the reader into a world beyond what happens with people who live their lives as spies. I like that the adventures of the careful preparation of these spies and the line crossing into worlds of some very dangerous people to blend in with them and muzzle their efforts of corruption. These efforts range from being Religious to personal financial gain that leads to espionage. This book pricks your concern about where we would be if those on our side and what’s being reported from our enemies here in our country.

There was not much I can say that I didn’t like about this book except that I am not an avid love story reader and the love that develops between Sarah and Vince was nice. I am sure that in their situation it is hard to be devoid of feelings. I did wish that they could have entertained their feeling sooner, maybe it could have help them handle their predicament a lot better or maybe not!

Get it now!

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