Sleeping With Shadows is on sale for only 99¢ #erotica


For a limited time, Sleeping With Shadows is only 99¢. That’s a full-length paranormal romantic suspense novel for only 99¢!

Grab it while the sale lasts!

Can soul mates meet in a dream? Until their past-life karmic cycles are balanced, Matt Martin and Sarah Ryan are on a collision course pushing the world toward a disastrous end.

Will they allow their intense past-life connection to cause them even more missed opportunities in this lifetime? Everyone’s karmic tapestry is in jeopardy because of Matt and Sarah. Together they form the thread that threatens to unravel universal karmic harmony.

To make matters worse, a third person brings more difficulty for the duo. When Sarah’s spurned ex-lover threatens to destroy her to keep her to himself, he unwittingly dooms millions. Can Sarah and Matt work through this dangerous reincarnation with a twist?

Click here to read an excerpt:



2 responses to “Sleeping With Shadows is on sale for only 99¢ #erotica

  1. I’m reading this for the second time now and just wanted to take a minute to say that the first love scene is one of the best written love scenes I’ve ever read!


  2. Thanks Brit!! That means so much coming from you!!! You write some pretty terrific sex scenes 🙂


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