Please Say YES!!!

Okay, I was cruising the internet this morning trying to find something to blog about…because I’m a slacker and blog day is here and I got nuthin’!  So I started out looking for funny typos or grammatical errors and then got sidetracked with bad marriage proposals.  OMG!  Did you know there are dozens of bad video and pictures of marriage proposals gone bad?  How embarrassing!  Imagine the poor schmuck who has found the love of his life (or thinks he has), only to be publicly humiliated when he goes down on one knee to propose.  And what I have found is that there are as many creative ways to turn a man down as there are ways to propose.  Well, before I get to far into it, let me just give you some of my runner-up favorites for bad ways to propose.

a98074_bad-proposal_4-graffiti[1]First, there’s the guy who uses a can of spray paint to tag a fence…probably his girlfriend’s parents’ fence.  Won’t daddy be proud of HIS little girl’s choice?!  I think not.  This guy thought he was being creative………uh, not so much.  Run, girlie!  This guy’s gonna do 3 years for defacing expensive public property, and then he’s gonna graduate to torturing kitties and ultimately go to the big house for murdering his wife in her sleep…you DO NOT want to be her…JUST SAY NO!

a98074_bad-proposal_6-merry-me2[1]Then there’s this one.  I can’t decide if the guy’s trying to be cute or is just a bad speller who doesn’t own a dictionary or Google or have a friend who can spell.  Perhaps there should be a rule that men have to have direct supervision when planning a proposal that’s more than just kneeling at the dinner table with a ring box in his hand.

a98074_bad-proposal_5-upside-down[1]This girl gets props for trying.  She obviously has figured out that the sports event lovecam is the way to get her man’s attention.  But honey, you gotta hold the sign right side up…… can’t give them too many outs.  I can see this ending up in divorce court.  “But, Your Honor, I didn’t know she was asking me to marry her.  The sign was upside down.  I thought it said, “Would you like a bratwurst?”



This one I love because of it’s simplicity.  This man obviously knows Shineka’s weakness and he’s not above exploiting it.  I hope she said yes because I’d love to know that this one worked!  LOL



a98074_bad-proposal_3-dishes-fb[1]Okay, this one could be at the top of the heap for bad ideas…Facebook, Really?  But the details behind this, when you really dig a little deeper, show that this guy is really one lucky bastard.  His girl was taken back at first, but then she was smart enough and creative enough to find a way to make lemons out of lemonade.  She says yes, but with the caveat that he’s got nuthin’ to say from this point forward about how much time she spends on the computer…after all, that’s how he got her.  Hmmm…I think this guy is up for a lifetime of being out-maneuvered.   Shoulda thought that one all the way through, dude!

a98074_bad-proposal_10-ginecologist[1]This next one is just really creepy to me and I’m not sure exactly why.  I just don’t think I want to be laying on an examining table shivering in a paper gown with ice-cold steel equipment shoved up my vijayjay and have some yahoo (no matter how much I love him) hold up a diamond ring and ask me to marry him!  WTF?  Really?  Good thing they make you take your shoes off or if it had been me, he might find a 4 inch spike heel up his left nostril.

a98074_bad-proposal_8-prank[1]I’m really torn over this next one.  I think it’s sorta cute that the guy went to all this trouble and I will give you the link to the video too so you can see it in live motion.  He seems really sweet and sincere and it’s kinda cute until you see the panic on the girlfriend’s face.  He scared the living bejeebies outta her and if I’m her, I’m not sure he’s gonna live past today.  That better be one big-ass ring!


a98074_bad-proposal_11-pee[1]And this one just boggles my mind because…well, because.  I almost have no words for this one.  I don’t know how any man in his right mind could think this is a good idea.  The guy proposes by peeing the message in the snow.  Not cute, not pretty, not classy…and yet, she probably said yes.  I guess love truly is blind!

Unfortunately, this last one is kinda sad.  But if you are as twisted as I am, you will laugh…I guarantee it.  There is that split moment when the girl’s reaction just makes you guffaw, right before your heart plunges in sorrow for the poor young man.  But I’m sure it served to make him a stronger man, perhaps a better chooser of women in the future, and he’ll choose a quiet and private place next time (not the Dubai mall)…without the musicians.  LOL 

I hope you enjoyed this little stroll through marriage proposal land.  Guys, there are some lessons to be learned here about what to do and what not to do.  Girls, I think there is something to be learned from the way a man proposes…and it might be your very last chance to make the right choice!

That’s my story, holy-cow hinky and you-gotta-be-kidding weird, and I’m stickin’ to it.  Hold on tight now ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

Love ya,


(My thanks to Grace Murano at 12 Hilariously Bad Wedding Proposals for the pictures used in this blog.)

4 responses to “Please Say YES!!!

  1. OMG!!! 🙂 I’m still cracking up at the guy peeing in the snow. He has pretty good penmanship for using what he did…snerk! But if she accepted she’s more forgiving than I would be…snerk!

    Thanks for sharing girl! I always look forward to your blogs! 🙂


  2. The one with the urine was probably a redneck proposal. The guy falling off the building was cool, for him. I would have had a heart attack.


  3. Nana, I totally agree…I probably woulda shot the guy after I recovered from my heart attack! And I’ll tell ya…I’m as redneck as they come and the guy who peed in the snow would be history if he used that as a marriage proposal. Maybe it was a psychological trick…make her think he wanted to marry her, but no way would she accept. Hmmmm…


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