Freedom’s Promise by Lisa Pietsch

freedom's promise, lisa pietschWhen a CIA operative is captured nobody is ever sent to save him. Seasoned paramilitary operative Vince Hennessee knew the risks but the only way he could move on with the life he had planned with Sarah Stevens was to put down Nikolai Federov once and for all. What he didn’t expect was that Nikolai would find him first. Now it is up to Sarah and the rest of the American Swift team from Task Force 125 to find Nikolai and put together an armed strike force that can take out the Russian and rescue Vince before it is too late.

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5.0 out of 5 stars 5 blue ribbons from Romance Junkies, January 20, 2011

Lisa Pietsch’s TASK FORCE 125 series has captivated me from the very beginning and having just finished the third book, FREEDOM’S PROMISE, I’m already anticipating the next release. Sarah and Vince’s love for each other is obvious though they are separated for most of this story. What I loved about FREEDOM’S PROMISE is the friendship, support and respect that the team members have for each other. There’s no one-upmanship and even the teasing amongst them is done to reinforce the connection and even combat stress. Readers are privy to Sarah’s rioting emotions – and some of the scenes I found hysterical just because she seems to take such great delight in her job. From the vast array of characters to the exotic scenery Ms. Pietsch’s writing captures every nuance and ensures readers get to know this unforgettable team and those who come to their aid in a positive light.

I’d strongly recommend reading the first two stories in the TASK FORCE 125 series before diving into this one. The storyline carries over from one story to the next so while yes, each story could technically be read as a stand-alone; they’re definitely more enjoyable when you’ve experienced the adventure from the beginning.

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