The Social Media Superstar Handbook by Lisa Pietsch

the social media superstar handbookThis handbook is the product of years of social media study and work, a combination of materials from my four online classes as well as several bonus materials and worksheets.

And guess what!  This book is no longer available to buy on Amazon – but you can get it free on my website!

Everything that was in this book – AND MUCH MORE – is now available absolutely free.

Click here to see all the lessons from the book and take the entire course at your own pace, absoluttely FREE!

By Beth T. Irwin (Jacksonville, FL United States) – See all my reviews
This review is from: The Social Media Superstar Handbook (Kindle Edition)
Ah sweet mystery of tech at last I’ve found you! This awesome book gives step by step instructions, clear explanations, and some of the best hand-holding I’ve ever experienced in a how-to book.If you’ve been avoiding setting up blogs, websites, Facebook author/fan pages and suspect a tour in Afghanistan might be easier than a blog tour, THIS is the book for you.I can’t rave enough about this book. It’s down in the weeds with detailed “go here, click this, press that, then do this” level instructions while very clearly explaining WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.Best of all, it wraps into a marketing plan and has templates and lists of what needs to happen in what order. There’s even a section on blog talk radio. No matter what stage you’re at in your career, there will be a juicy tidbit you simply didn’t know.Checklists, descriptions, instructions, even sample questions and answers – this book is the answer to a technophobe’s prayers. Even if you win the lottery and can afford tech support, you won’t need it once you have this book in hand.

Never fear social media and setting up blogs and websites again! If you can find the on button to your computer and get to the internet, this brilliant book will take you the rest of the way. It has a section on why you need social media. It explains why you may not need all the forms of it so you can decide which bits work best for you and take control of your own marketing. The author even tells you how much time it will take to set things up.

Love, love, love this! This totally jumpstarted my efforts to get sites set up. I’m no longer afraid of tech and I’ve made back the price of the book many times over just by saving the cost of hiring someone to do much of this for me.

Just buy the book for yourself and see what I mean. Then come back here and give this woman the fabulous reviews she deserves. Talk about a public service – I’ve never been so glad to get my hands on a book. And coming from a rabid reader, that’s saying a lot!

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