My 10 “favorite” writing pet peeves @tinagerow


I suppose “favorite” might be an interesting description for pet peeves, but I think of it more as the ones that make me chuckle and shake my head at the same time rather than the ones that make me grind my teeth, if that makes sense!

I think in every profession, people have irritants or pet peeves. I know I have had in every job I’ve ever held. But writing has some interesting ones. And here are some of mine:

1. When people on Facebook send me an invite to an even that’s halfway across the country or even in another country. Uh….yeah, I’m in Arizona, so probably not going to make it to Australia this weekend to attend your book release party at that restaurant you listed. But thanks…

2. People on Twitter who get irritated when you have to abbreviate to get your message into the 140 characters. You know, like Sum1, or B4 etc. When you’re working with only 140 characters, you need to get creative sometimes and if it is still readable, don’t tell me I sound illiterate by doing it. Grrrrr….

3. People who tell me that I’m too Polyanna and shouldn’t post all that “positive” and motivational stuff because I’m a writer, after all, and should just post stuff about my books. Sigh…

4. When they find out you’re a writer, people who don’t consider you a “real” writer unless you’ve hit the NYT or USA Today Best Seller’s list. I WILL hit them both one of these days, but discounting my books, or me because I’m not there yet just irritates the crap out of me! Just me?

5. I had a woman send me an email that she had just read one of my erotic books (written as Cassie Ryan) and she just wanted to write me to tell me I was going to hell. Really? You just said you read the entire book! I’ll save you a seat next to the male hookers, lady! Yeah – she wasn’t too appreciative of that answer, and yes, I sent it….shouldn’t have lost my temper…but hey – I’m not perfect – which is apparently why she thinks I’m going to Hell…snerk!

6. Book promotion companies, freelance editors, cover artists, copyeditors etc who send me numerous emails or post on my Facebook wall about their services. If I need/want those services I’ll come find you. Usually by word of mouth from my trusted friends and fellow authors. If you’re being annoying and sound like a used car salesman with whatever you’re selling you’re going to end up on my “Nope – not doing any business with them” list.

7. Other writers who get mad/pissy when I don’t have time to critique their stuff, or when our critique group isn’t accepting any new members. It’s an established critique group of over 10 years. We work well as we are, and we are full. We are under no obligation to accept new members, and telling us we’re being elitist and snobby isn’t really a good way to get your name in the running if we ever ARE looking for a new member. Just sayin’

8. People who write to tell me what a horrible cover I have on whatever book they are looking at. I know not all my covers are wonderful. But honestly – I have little to no control over those published through a publisher. Some of them ask me for descriptions of the characters (and then don’t follow them) and possibly my suggestions for the cover (and then don’t follow them…lol) but other than my one self pubbed book – Sleeping With Shadows – I had little to no control over those covers. Interestingly enough – Ceremony of Seduction won worst cover of the year through some review site that I can’t remember the name of right now and the sales skyrocketed after that. Probably from getting so many mentions and the cover being reposted a gazillion times. Snicker…

9. When I’m sitting at Starbucks writing and sipping chai and I have to pee!!!!!! I can’t just leave my laptop there, so I have to slip it in my laptop bag, I’ll usually leave a coat or something like that on the squishy chair in hopes it will still be available when I come back, but then I drag the laptop bag etc to the restroom and then come back and pull the laptop out again and get re-set up so I can continue writing…snerk! It is SO much easier when I have a writing buddy to go with who can watch my stuff while I take a bio break, but usually at Starbucks I’m on my own. My critique group does sometimes have writing breakfasts at various places and then we can take bio breaks and leave our stuff there. Yeah – pet peeve, but not something I can do much about changing until I can convince someone to be my Starbucks writing buddy…LOL!

10. People who read over your shoulder as you’re writing/typing and then criticize what you’re writing. A few years ago I was writing at Starbucks in my favorite squishy chair and a woman asked me how I could write that “smut” all day! I told her that the chai lattes helped a lot. She huffed off… LOL. Then don’t be freaking reading over my shoulder, lady!!! It’s not like I was reading it out loud and exposing the masses to my “smut” 🙂

11. People who DO read their stuff out loud or make sure they talk loudly about what they are writing when they are at Starbucks… If I go there to write, that’s what I do. I’m not there to see and be seen. I love the energy of writing somewhere like that. I put my headphones in and listen to my writing soundtrack – which consists of lots of movie soundtracks (without words – otherwise I’ll type the words!!) and I sit, sip my chai and play with my characters. But lots of people apparently go there to see and be seen “writing” although I doubt they are getting much done! One guy even handed out full sheets of paper with his website and his list of twenty (self pubbed) books etc. I’m not knocking self pebbling – hell, one of my 14 published books is self pubbed. But generally, people like this guy didn’t want to go through the process of getting it published so he slapped a book together without editing or copyediting and added a cover (horrible, judging from the pictures he provided) and then will get pissed when people give him bad reviews or tell him that they refuse to pay $15 on Amazon for his epic 500K word ebook.

12. Top 10 lists that go over 10!!! Snicker…

4 responses to “My 10 “favorite” writing pet peeves @tinagerow

  1. I don’t know about you, but find it very difficult to sell books in Australia. And I wrote cowboys. One would think they would be popular there. I must of watched Quigley Down Under a million times!


  2. Brit, I have a few fans that I know of in Australia, mostly for my hot/kinky Cassie Ryan books. But yours are pretty hot too so not sure why they wouldn’t love them!


  3. ***Other writers who get mad/pissy when I don’t have time to critique their stuff***

    yeah, I have found this to be true…So, I don’t expect them to critique my stuff either!

    Enjoyed reading your pet peeves.

    —One thing that really annoys me is when writers / bloggers begin their blog post like this: “I feel SO guilty for not blogging, coming up with content, & not commenting on your blogs.”

    Shut up !!!


  4. I came because of the “favorite” in the title. Had to check it out. #5 had me laughing. People are nuts. Entertaining list.


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