Fire Maiden by Tina Gerow @TinaGerow

fire maiden, tina gerow Fire Maiden

Prophecy is a fickle thing. Kefira Knight and her three Gargoyle sisters had hoped they were done with prophecy after Ariel’s pregnancy with the son of the blood (see STONE MAIDEN). But it seems that Kefira is to play a part in the prophecy as well….

Kefira’s sharp temper ignites when her former lover, Paladin Dagan Grayson, shows up on the doorstep of the ranch she and her sisters are sharing with Ariel’s new husband. Kefira still bears deep emotional scars from the loss of their child when she turned to stone for healing. Meanwhile, Jeslyn, Queen of the Succubus clan, has a nefarious plot afoot to halt the rise of Good. Kefira must choose a path- will she choose Good or Evil?

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“Tina Gerow surpasses all expectations with FIRE MAIDEN. In fact, this book may even be better than the fabulous STONE MAIDEN. Tina Gerow demonstrates with FIRE MAIDEN that she is definitely an author to look out for in the paranormal genre.” – COURTESY OF CK2S KWIPS AND KRITIQUES

“While Fire Maiden is the second in the Ms. Gerow’s series about the Knight sisters, it is an excellent stand-alone story. Readers will find their enjoyment of Kefira’s story enhanced by reading “Stone Maiden” first. This story begins shortly after “Stone Maiden” ends. From page one, the plot never falters and has the same fast paced action and witty dialogue. As the various players in the story take their positions, readers will be entranced from beginning to end. Fire Maiden engages the readers’ imagination until the very last page. For me, the third story can’t come soon enough.” – THERESA, NOVEL SPOT

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