Amazon Reviewers All in or Undecided #reviews

rp_hahahastar-300x283.jpgBy accident today, I came upon an Amazon reviewer who has done well over 100 reviews.

I saw one particular review she’d written for a book I was considering and thought it harsh. Actually I was trying to decide if I would get this book from the library or buy it. I’m way over my Kindle budget this month, after two more purchases yesterday. And it’s a pricier book which is part of a series. The review was brutal!

So I looked at some of the other reviews given by this person. The first two pages were nothing but 1 Star reviews. Occasionally, the reviewer would give a good review, but about 80% of them were beyond brutal, even telling people not to buy the books, over and over again. This was an eye-opening experience for me. After reading so many despicable statements about author after author…I don’t believe anything this reviewer says.

I just pray he or she doesn’t pick up one of my books. I was more suspicious of the 5 Star reviews. Now I need to rethink this. Maybe I need to look closer at the STARS or ignore them altogether.

However if she ever does give me one of her zingers, I think I might even smile about it. I’d be in good company.

3 responses to “Amazon Reviewers All in or Undecided #reviews

  1. Those types of reviewers are horrible! Some of them I suspect are wanna be authors who couldn’t make it or kept getting rejected so they take out their venom on those who have been able to get published etc. It’s just a theory but some people just thrive on the venom and spite and I think it makes me feel better to think they have SOME reason rather than they are just that type of negative person 😦


  2. If she ever gives me one of horrible reviews, I can say I saw her coming! 🙂 I think you might be right…she thrives on venom! Karma, baby.


  3. I’ve had this happen on Goodreads and flagged them. Someone gave 20 of my titles 1-star ratings on the same day. They removed them.

    But if you think the person didn’t actually read the books they reviewed on AMZ, then report them. If the reviews are just snarky, I always say “no” at the bottom about whether it was helpful. That moves it down the list so it won’t be near the top when people go to the review section of a page. If someone gets a lot of NO votes, I suspect AMZ might look at them as to whether they are just being a troll.


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