How long is 8 inches…really?

Kayce LassiterOkay, I’ve posted today’s blog over at the Kayce Lassiter website, so you will need to click the link below to go there and read it.  But it’s a short trip, lovely scenery, and I think you will enjoy the destination.  My story today has to do with a conversation overheard in a sandwich shop when they were trying to make me an 8-inch sandwich.  We all know how difficult it is to measure out 8 inches, don’t we?  LOL

And while you’re there, be sure you look around and check out the last few blogs I’ve posted.  I’m trying a new thing…actually posting a blog to my own blog site.  LOL  One of those new-fangled concepts.  Anyway, take a look around while you are there and then come back here and take a stroll through some of the recent blogs here at the BMG site.  Lots of clever authors here and lots of terrific books…maybe you will find a new author you are dying to try.


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2 responses to “How long is 8 inches…really?

  1. The link you have keeps coming up with page not found. If you click on the tab blog it doesn’t give this new blog entry there.


  2. My apologies. I think I got zapped by some time zone issue, so one blog posted early and the other was waiting until its scheduled time. It’s fixed now. Thanks, Christy, for letting me know. Kayce


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