Lisa Brings the Heat This Week

This week, Lisa Pietsch is bringing the heat!

On Sunday, I blogged over on my own blog about My Deep Dark Secreto – Telenovelas.  What can I say?  I’ve got a thing for hot Latinos.

And speaking of hot Latinos, I followed up with a blog about Mr. Hot Chile himself, Christian de la Fuente.


On Friday, I’m going to play show & tell with a hot Cuban sandwich, Mr. William Levy so be sure to check out my blog for a piece of that. 

In addition to all my hot Latinos, I’m baking a book about bread this week!

No, seriously.  Beans to Bread, my Ezekiel bread cookbook is coming out soon.  (A writer’s gotta eat, right?)  In it, I show lazy bakers with bread machines (like me) how to turn sprouted beans into high-protein, low-glycemic, delicious bread, bagels, hot dog rolls, hamburger buns, pizza crusts, pita bread, flatbread, crackers, Cinnabon style rolls, and, yes, even jelly donuts right in your own home without any hassle, hard work or diet guilt!

You can pre-order it at Amazon using the button below, or just pop by and take a look at the sugar-free Jelly Donuts I made.  You’d never know there was a bean involved.  They were SO good!

The Butterscotch Martini Girls also have another wildly inappropriate Blab coming up tomorrow (Wednesday)!  If you missed last week’s“Worst Dates Ever” Blab , you can click on that link and watch all the mayhem today to pre-game the fun set for tomorrow.  Catch this week’s Blab by clicking on that cute purple bird below to subscribe so you can catch it live or watch the replay as soon as it’s finished.  One way or another, you’ll want to check it out just for the laughs!

Hot enough for ya?


Got a favorite hot Latino?  Leave a comment below and I’ll do a special blog just to sing the praises of his hotness.  Go ahead, give it to me!


One response to “Lisa Brings the Heat This Week

  1. Look up pictures of Ruben Cortada – cuban born actor. I think you might like


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