Butterscotch Blab Adventures

BMG Girl_transp_MASTER_flat_forgiftcardsThe Butterscotch Martini Girls have been having some fun with Blab lately.  In fact, we’ve been having so much fun we’ve decided to have a weekly Blab every Wednesday.  The neat thing about using a new network is the vocabulary that sprouts up with it.  Rarely does a network release it’s own dictionary so I’ve been building one organically as we learn.
Every one of these has a story based upon our blabbing experience thus far, but we’ll save those for later – or maybe you’ve been watching our Blabs and can already give a good guess!  Feel free to comment below if you’ve seen any of these in action:
300TinaHeadShotBoob Blab: What we call our Wednesday Blabs, based on a typo that Tina Gerow just can’t stop making.
bio picBlab Mistress: The coordinator of the blab who “owns” it.  They are responsible for scheduling the blab, turning on the blab on time, deciding who gets a video seat & when, who rides shotgun (tweets & chat), and who takes the sideline.  They’re also the one who decides if the Blab will be recorded or not and they receive the final audio & video files.  In our case, this is H.D. Thomson.
tia daniBuddy Blabbing: 2 people on the same computer on a blab can be fun since you get to see their interaction with each other as well as with the rest of the inBlabitants.  Tia Dani is known to Buddy Blab.
InBlabitants: Those people attending the Blab.
Bubble Blabbing: 2 or more computers on 1 internet signal. This can be too troublesome because it leads to echo, audio feedback & bandwidth limitations that cause skitchy video transmission & reception.
Blab Shotgun(s): Designated live-tweeter and/or chat moderator.
We’ll be Blabbing at 6pm Central (4pm Arizona) tomorrow evening so be sure to show up!  Click here to RSVP for your front row seat to chaos, mayhem and a whole bunch of dirty minds.  This week we’ll be discussing what NOT to do on first dates – from our own experience.

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