100th Anniversary of ASU’s Marching Band by Tina Gerow/Cassie Ryan

Tina ASU band  This was from my Freshman year at Arizona State University, back in 1986 – EEP!!

Damn, has it really been that long? yep! I’ve only gone back for 2 Homecomings since I graduated in December of 1990. Marched the Alumni block in the halftime show and played in the stands. Every time it was great to see old friends and yell “Go Devils” and play the Fight Song – Maroon and Gold until I lost my voice…LOL!

I’m looking forward to that again…well, most of it. Due to the brain blowout – the neurologist nixed me marching. Too much chance of a concussion from the half a brain that’s floating around up there getting beat up from all that marching. I also need to be careful not to play too loud. Puts pressure on the whole sinus cavity which the healing brain might not like. THAT one will be tough for me because the idea in marching band – especially on an instrument like clarinet is to play LOUD most of the time…LOL…

AND, I just downloaded the music and did a quick EEP! I need to get with my sister ASAP and get my marching clarinet. My niece just started band and she’s using it until she gets her own. But my sister said I’m good to borrow it back for Homecoming weekend, and Megan can take my sister’s wooden one to school.

I can sit here and hum and finger through the music, but I need to get the clarinet in hand – AND go get some reeds, a lyre and a flip folder for the music… and practice!

I’m sure the lady who lives above us will be pissy! She gets her panties in a twist when Jon plays his acoustic guitar down here, I’m sure she’ll LOVE a clarinet – especially in the high register…snerk!

Even though I won’t be as confident playing as I was 25 years ago, I’m still really excited!

I’ve resigned myself that people might not recognize me or remember me, and I might not recognize or remember some of them. After all – this is the 100th anniversary of the marching band – which means people from the last 100 years will be coming back for band! Hey – it could happen! We could have a 118 year old tuba player show up and rock the band!! Don’t underestimate the bandies!

The ASUSDMB changed all of our lives! I was a music major, but most people in band weren’t. Those people were all so dear to me for the 5 years I was in band before graduating and moving away! Now I find myself doing a bit of memory lane walking tonight…  Here’s a few pics that are on my hard drive…I’m tempted to go scan even more…


Tina ASU band banquet

Here’s Paul Patterson and I at the end of season Band Banquet in 1986!!


Tina college hijinx

Wow!  We all look so freaking young!!  From left to right…  Scott Burgener – aka Burgenbooger, Christy, Scott Hexum, Me (Tina Hatcher, aka Hatchbitch) per Burgenbooger…lol, Bill Gallimore & Kathy Hunt!  This was one of our late night undercover missions to do something to Paul Patterson’s primer-painted car…We saran wrapped it, covered it in sprinkles and cherries!

I can’t find the pic of us covering his car entirely int those mini post it notes!!  That was classic 🙂 We really do love you, Paul! We just loved messing with that car 🙂

Tina college recital

And finally….here’s me at my Senior Clarinet recital in December of 1990… Damn, check out that 90’s hair and the cheesy dress…snicker 🙂

Enough memories for one night!

Here’s me now…this was at Benihana’s with my hubby Jon for our 12th wedding anniversary this past March.  I might look different, but I’m still ready and willing to raise some hell!

Bring on the ASUSDMB! (That stands for Arizona State University Sun Devil Marching Band!!)


12th Anniversary Dinner

And here’s my snarky mini me, Darian. Well, almost a mini me – he plays trumpet!  You know those trumpet players…snerk! But seriously – he’s an awesome kid! (And if you follow that link to his FB – NO! I did NOT give him that middle name, Abbadon!  He’s got a perfectly good middle name – Ryan, but insists on the other one because it annoys me…LOL!)

Tina & D graduation


So here’s hoping that after 25 years, people still recognize this snarky ex band director who has put her dirty mind to good use as a smut writer for the safety of herself and others 🙂


2 responses to “100th Anniversary of ASU’s Marching Band by Tina Gerow/Cassie Ryan

  1. What a wonderful post! Isn’t it amazing how time really goes fast! My mother always warned me. You have some incredible memories. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It really does! It feels like someone has their thumb pressed down on the fast forward button!


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