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First Review, Seduction to the Altar

The first review came in for Tia Dani’s latest release Seduction to the Altar.

Night Owl Reviews gave us 4 Stars.

If you’re like I am the first review is always so scary.  I hold my breath as I click the link, all the while praying someone liked my book.  Then almost yell for joy when it’s a good review.

Fortunately, I’ve never received a bad review.  Of course I realize it’s always a possibility.  Not everyone will like our writing, I fully understand that you can’t please everyone.  Still, we try our best to write a good book and keep our fingers crossed the majority will ‘get’ us as writers and let us take them on a short adventure and put a smile on their faces.

Author: Tia Dani

Genre: Spicy Romance

Reviewed by: Tigger9

Seduction to the Altar was a read to remember.Maria has doubts about her relationship with Edward once she surprised him on his birthday. She is self-conscious of the years separating them and worries about him staying with her. She really wants to win the bet with her friends but finds herself falling for Edward. She doesn’t want to hurt Edward and be selfish for just her wants because she is falling for Edward. Edward has his own problems with sharing his feelings though he deals with them a bit better than Maria.The sex scenes are hot and full of feeling. They are not just two strangers scratching an itch but there are deep feelings between the two of them. I loved the characters and the love between them.

Book Blurb  Seduction to the Altar


Maria Tortorici needs a husband. Her high-school reunion is imminent, and awaiting her is a bet she made long ago. Bring a husband or face the music. Determined not to be the victim of her mischievous girlfriends, Maria devises a plan…enchant her younger assistant with a birthday present he’ll never forget.Sexual attraction isn’t the only thing Edward Russell has for his boss. She’s everything he wants in a woman. The hang-up? How to convince her he’s man enough to handle a strong-minded woman like her.But will he still want her once he learns of her conniving plan?

Thanks for letting me share,

Dani, half of the writing team Tia Dani

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season.  I have to say that this Christmas has been one of my best.  I’m not sure what made it so special, but everything seemed to flow so smoothly.  I sincerely hope it was as wonderful for all of you and, whatever way you celebrated, you found peace and joy in your heart.

I got a nice little surprise in my e-mail too.  Tia Dani received a new review for Color of Dreams from Bitten By Books.  This has made my week even better and I wanted to share with you all.

Shona gave us a 4 tombstone review.  “Color of dreams is a blend of magic and environmentalism with a dash of mystery.  After everything Shaun and Justine were put through for the sake of magic, it was rewarding to see them finally get their happily ever after.”

If you would like to read the rest of the review, here’s the link.

It doesn’t look like we will be celebrating New Year’s together this time, but be sure to have a butterscotch martini and smile.  I have a feeling that 2010 will be a fantastic year for The Butterscotch Girls.  So, here’s to new contracts and all our books flying off the shelves.

Happy New Year Girls,


Play Day and News

Wow, it has been forever since I posted anything here on our BMG blog.  I felt it was time to jump in and say a few words.  Let you all know that Tia Dani has been extremely busy lately.  We have two new books coming soon.  One, DEATH UNSEEN, with The Wild Rose Press and, THE BIRTHDAY and THE BET, contracted with Sapphire Blue Publishing. 

All work and no play gets old pretty quick, so yesterday Tia and Dani decided to take a day off from writing and play. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Olive Garden and sipped on the wine of the day. We can still taste the sparkling wine, it was so good–name of the wine unfortunately forgotten.

It was about then we noticed that one of Tia’s eyelashes was coming loose and it might be a good idea for her to buy another pair. Dani, (me) being the eyelash expert that I am, instantly decided a trip to the closest Wal-Mart should be the next stop. Besides I wanted to drive my new car. (More on this subject at a later date.)

Once at Wal-Mart, as we entered the store, the wonderful aroma of cinnamon surrounded us with heady delight. The spicy smell was awesome and all thoughts of eyelashes went on hold as we searched the area for the smell, sniffing up and down the aisles. We finally found the source–in a bin high up on a wall above our heads. Cinnamon pine cones galore. You know the ones, they are around every holiday, bundled in a mesh wrapper and fills the house with glorious cinnamon?

We had to have them, or a candle, or at least something that would give off the cinnamon fragrance. That sent us on another search – find the perfect cinnamon gift for ourselves.   Besides, we decided, there is so much that makes fall such a wonderful time. Cooler days, spectacular colors, hearty soups, crusty breads, and pumpkin pie. We’ve gained weight just thinking about what is to come.

Yes, we did remember the eyelashes after Tia discovered a 20 dollar bill in the pocket of her jeans. What a unexpected find. Now she had money to get her eyelashes PLUS something cinnamon. We both decided on cinnamon sticks. It was a good day of shopping. 

But, now the hard part starts, Christmas shopping for everyone.  As my family has grown so old, lol, it gets harder and harder to shop for them.   And my husband, don’t get me started on him.  He’s one of those guys that when he wants something he goes out and buys it.  No wish list for him.  Ah well, it will all come together and I’ll manage to find everyone the perfect gifts. Meanwhile, I’ll work on my own list.  Let’s see, e-book reader, boots…

Enjoy your day and happy writing everyone,

Dani Petrone

Sweet Prosperity Spell

Since I’m a day late, and a dollar short (more like a month late, and a whole bunch of dollars short) with my blog, I decided I needed a little help.   So, I went digging and came up with this little goodie. It’s one of Tia Dani’s favorite spells.   Give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Mix together a teaspoon of cinnamon for prosperity, a teaspoon of allspice to bring money, and a half cup of sugar to sweeten up your life. Mix the ingredients together, then pour into a glass container. Snap or screw the lid into place. Empower the mixture to bring prosperity into your life.

Try this charm:

“Sugar and spice and everything nice,
Make up this Witch’s spell,
A pinch of magick, a bit of charm,
And all will turn out well.”

You could put a pinch of this mixture into a charm bag, or seal a tablespoon of it inside an envelope and keep it in your bill drawer or the bottom of your purse to promote prosperity.  Or just sprinkle a spoonful on your buttered toast in the morning to add prosperity and success to your day.

Taken From Cottage Witchery:
Natural Magick For Hearth And Home
by Ellen Dugan

Have a prosperous and a wonderful day.


Just Another Day…

Hello everyone, Dani here waving from her office and  reporting in to tell you about my wonderful day.  First I was gently awaken by my husband who brought me a cup of coffee while I lounged in bed. Then, as I sipped my morning caffeine, he drew me a bubble bath, lit candles, turned on soft music and left me alone to enjoy the solitude before I had to face my day.

Oh, wait! Back up….rewind, rewind. 

Husband yelled “It’s 5:30. Ya getting up.” Then he promptly rolled over and went back to sleep for a half hour.  Me? I jumped up and hustled downstairs to turn on the coffee pot, run out and get the paper, tossed it on the table and then ran back upstairs to throw on some clothes so I could get my dog, Rocky, to the groomer’s by 7 A.M.

Why so early?  Because Rocky’s a barker. He has to go in first so they can get him in and out before anyone else arrives.  He barks non stop from the time he walks through the door till he leaves.  This morning, I was assured by the new girl at the salon Rocky would be no problem. I tried to warn her, but she seemed to know more than me about dogs.  Okay…so…I left.

Two hours later, she called for me to pick him up, only this time her voice was a bit rattled.  “Rocky is ready. And…could you please hurry.”

Yikes, that kinda scared me. He is an old dog. Maybe he had a heart attack or something.  “Is he okay? Should I bring my husband with me?”

“He’s fine. He’s just driving us all nuts.”

“Oh! I’ll be right there.”

When I arrived, he looked beautiful and, yes, I tipped her well.

After Rocky was safely deposited at home, I hustled off to meet with my writing partner.  We finished up our topic on a talk we’re doing tomorrow night at Glendale Community College.  Alexis Walker, a friend and member of our local RWA writing chapter, Valley of the Sun, asked us if we would speak to her class about team writing.  And, BTW, we get asked about that a lot.  It seems to fascinate prople that we can write together and make it work so well.  I added the ‘so well’ part.  My personal opinion. LOL.

We put the workshop together and titled it – “Survival Tips by Tia Dani.  If You Want To Walk The Walk…Then Walk This Way.”

Carol Webb will be there too, talking on networking and promo and Vijaya Schartz will be speaking on websites.  Lots of great info from our Valley of the Sun and Desert Rose writers.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 

We’re pretty new at this speaking thing.  It will be fun, I’m sure.  One of the reasons, I think we write so well together is because we’ve created a voice for Tia Dani.  We’ve worked hard to combine our personalities to form a completely new person.  This took some experimenting and practice.  It didn’t happen overnight.

We read aloud to each other what’s been written.  Actually, I read till my voice gives out then Tia reads till her voice is gone.  Over and over we do this, constantly listening to the rhythm of the story.  If something doesn’t sound right to us, or work the way we like, we talk about it until we agree on the wording and pacing.  The end result?  We both have to be happy.  It has to sound like Tia Dani.

In fact, recently we’ve become so used to being Tia Dani that we often talk in sort of a mixture of words.  What Tia begins with I often finish the sentence.  Or it’s vice versa.

Some days, it gets so bad that some of our friends hold their heads between their hands and say, “Enough, I’m beginning to feel like the bouncing ball following the words.”

Tia and I immediately look at each other and grin.  It’s so much fun discovering who Tia Dani really is.

Yep, Tomorrow is another day and there will certainly be another adventure for Tia Dani to experience.

I’m having the time of my life.


More RT 2008

What does it mean when you have gained 5 pounds, are so body sore you can barely move, have a suitcase bulging with books and every sort of author promo item you can think of?  You’re a 2008 RT survivor!

I had the best time. I enjoyed RT even more than last year.  Pittsburgh is beautiful, what I saw of it anyway. The hillsides were green and the tulips were blooming. And from our window on the 20th floor, Kayce and I had a nice view of the river.

However if I had it all to do over, I’d change one thing.  I’d have gone to the dinner that Fabio was at and had my picture taken with him. I mean really, what was I thinking? It was Fabio for goodness sakes!  It is so me, to not get involved and then later, after a couple of butterscotch martini’s, decide that I want to be in the middle of all the hoopla. Only this time it was too late to go to the dinner by the time I decided I wanted to meet him. So like Kayce told you earlier I had to become a Fabio stalker.  And my quest was very unsuccessful.  I kept missing him by only minutes!  Darn it.

And yes, there was a moment in time when I thought about thumping Kayce when I heard that she rode the elevator with him.  Geesh, you’d think a real friend would have thought to use her cell phone and have me there when they got off the elevator. But no…I get told about it all later.  Ah well, I’ll forgive her, after all when you’re standing next to the King of Romance, I’d expect you’d  have your mind on something other than calling your girl friends.

Later that night, Isabella saw him headed toward the restroom and ran to get me, but by the time we got back, he was gone.  Missed him again!  Still all was not lost, we found our friend C J Hollenbach and I had a picture taken with him. I think it’s on Isabella’s camera and will eventually turn up.  Just as good as one taken with Fabio and maybe even better.

Speaking of picture taking. We should have some more great pictures to post when Carol takes them off her camera.  No pressure, take your time, I’m not dying to see them or anything. I’m just glad Carol brought her camera. I went off and forgot mine. So I’m greatful for any taken. Thanks again, Carol. I know I drove you crazy with, “Take a picture, take a picture!”  Isabella has some good ones too, so there should be no shortage of fun pictures.  Oh, and I did manage to have my picture taken with the band guy from the Impalers.  Sonny, or was it Ren D’Antoni?? 🙂

When I got home and told my hubby about our trip and my search for Fabio, he reminded me that I had my very own cover model right here at home. Him!  Yes, it’s true, he was on the cover of a magazine once. The Arizona Thoroughbred Breeders magazine.  Of course he was fully dressed and the distribution of the magazine wasn’t much to brag about since it only goes out to local members, but he was still on the cover. Works for me!  I think I’ll dig that issue out and frame it. Maybe hang it on my office wall.

Oh well, back to RT.

Overall I met and made so many new friends, it was fantastic. Especially all The Wild Rose Press authors and Rhonda and RJ. What fun to now have faces to go with the names.  And, I was thrilled to meet Amanda, my editor. She is so pretty and what a character.  We really hit it off.  Amanda and I danced till we dropped at the Dorchester party.  Probably one reason I’m so body sore.  It’s been a long time since I danced that much. Good thing I’ll  have a year to rest up. I bet I’ll need it.

More good news. Our Butterscotch Martini Girls Critique workshop was a big success. We had a better turnout than we even hoped for and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  We focused on answers to all the critiquing challenges.  Especially for the new writers who are somewhat overwhelmed and not sure how or what is expected from them when giving a critique.   We had quite a good question and answer session too.  And, afterward we received some good feedback. All in all I think it went really well and it was a unanimous BMG decision to give another workshop next year.  Still it was a big relief when it was all over and we could relax.  So much so that it called for a celebration, more butterscotch martini’s.  And I need to add a big thank you, Vijaya Schartz!  She gave us a wonderful impromptu introduction.

Before I forget. Mega congratulations 2008 Mr. Romance winner Chris Winters!

When my email arrives to ask if I plan on attending again in 2009, you bet I’ll respond with count me in!  RT Orlando ’09!  See you there!!!!

Quote de jour

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it!  If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.  If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.”

– Nora Roberts –

Well, I’m off to get some edits done today.  It’s time to get back to work.

Happy writing everyone,

Dani/Tia Dani

Inspirational Quote For The Day

       Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations.  I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.

                             Louisa May Alcott

Have a wonderful day, 

Tia Dani