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Lisa is Having One of Those Days

I missed a deadline and the pre-orders for Ballantine’s Day were canceled.  Not my best author moment.  The book is still coming out.  I just learned that selling pre-orders before seeing my editor love notes isn’t a good idea.  Ever.

It's one of those days...

Advanced Social Media Course at WriterU

MASTER CLASS: Advanced Social Media Course

author interview questionby Lisa Pietsch

July 21-August 1

$65 ($60 by check) at

Note: the description on our website is outdated — the one you see here is the correct version. 

Prerequisite: Must have taken Lisa’s Social Media Rock Star or Superstar Classes or completed all the steps in her FREE Social Media Home Study Course ( ).

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In this advanced course, students will go well beyond what they’ve done in any of the prior social media classes. After submitting your website to Lisa for a thoughtful, comprehensive analysis, you’ll move into the world of guest blogging, discover what to say on Tumblr when you have nothing, learn the secrets of tapping Amazon and Goodreads for content, and create as well as disseminate virtual swag on Pinterest. During these two weeks, students will:​

* ​Receive a complete marketing analysis of their website/social networks​

* Learn to generate massive traffic by hosting and posting guest blogs​

* ​Experience planning their own blog tours and creating unique content​

* ​Explode their friends and followers lists on Facebook and Twitter​

* ​Create virtual swag that readers will eat like candy​

* ​Tap into reader-generated content to market their books​

* ​Create a mailing list and branded newsletter

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Lisa lives, eats and breathes social media. She is a successful social media marketing consultant as well as a multi-published novelist. Her clients include authors, editors, publishers, graphic designers, models, restaurants, retail stores (online and off) and even tequila distributors. Lisa has served as managing editor for five content-rich online communities and several online and print newsletters. She currently lives in San Antonio, Texas and shares her adventures at ~ ~ ~ Please feel free to share!