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An undercover cop finds a soulmate who surrenders to her newfound addiction

Editorial Reviews

“It’s a fun, sexy read that will have you wiggling in your seat.” —Once Upon an Alpha

“This book had the perfect amount of kink, love, and FBI investigation. All three of my favorite things in one fun and sexy-as-hell bundle. No wonder I enjoyed this.” —The Reading Cat

“[I] recommend this book for any readers who like the sex/club BDSM sub-genre.” —Ramblings from this Chick

“I was pleasantly surprised with the direction the author took the story and how it ended.” —Sportochick’s Musings

“Good chemistry between characters within an interesting story!” —The Romance Experience

Fiercely independent and determined to free herself from her father’s manipulation, tech expert Kate Fretwell finds a refuge in L.A.’s elite BDSM dungeon scene as the hot new thing to political and Hollywood A-listers. Still, all that glitters gets old, and Kate soon tires of the stream of well-heeled masters who expect her to be at their beck and call. Then she meets a very different kind of Dom—one whose quiet confidence, strength, and command bring her most willingly to her knees.

Undercover FBI agent Dex Alexander fits right into his assignment to expose terrorist links to one of L.A.’s most popular clubs. The case has reawakened a desire to find the perfect companion, and he knows that beautiful, vulnerable Kate is a woman he could love. But when her father’s corruption unwittingly makes Kate the target of a bigger enemy, Dex brings her to his Phoenix home—and his dungeon, Club Desire. Here she shows him just how eager she is to give him everything . . . and more.

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Amazon Reviewers All in or Undecided #reviews

rp_hahahastar-300x283.jpgBy accident today, I came upon an Amazon reviewer who has done well over 100 reviews.

I saw one particular review she’d written for a book I was considering and thought it harsh. Actually I was trying to decide if I would get this book from the library or buy it. I’m way over my Kindle budget this month, after two more purchases yesterday. And it’s a pricier book which is part of a series. The review was brutal!

So I looked at some of the other reviews given by this person. The first two pages were nothing but 1 Star reviews. Occasionally, the reviewer would give a good review, but about 80% of them were beyond brutal, even telling people not to buy the books, over and over again. This was an eye-opening experience for me. After reading so many despicable statements about author after author…I don’t believe anything this reviewer says.

I just pray he or she doesn’t pick up one of my books. I was more suspicious of the 5 Star reviews. Now I need to rethink this. Maybe I need to look closer at the STARS or ignore them altogether.

However if she ever does give me one of her zingers, I think I might even smile about it. I’d be in good company.

Hansel & Gretel’s Real Estate Ventures by Tina Gerow

Hansel & Gretel's Real Estate Ventures, tina gerow, Hansel & GretelHansel & Gretel

Hansel & Gretel: Tish McCall shows up at her newly purchased cabin in the woods to find a hunky man–Brian Martin–already in residence. When they call the previous owner, Gretel, they instead get her brother Hansel. Apparently Gretel has gotten on in years and didn’t remember selling the cabin to two owners. But things turn out for the best when Tish and Brian realize the cabin’s magical properties involve giving them what they need, which doesn’t always coincide with what they think they want. Add in a blizzard, a persistent ex and an inventively changing cabin and it’s a fun-filled weekend for two.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unique and Engaging Story, February 8, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Hansel & Gretel ‘s Real Estate Ventures (Kindle Edition)
Using favorite childhood fairy tale characters, Tina Gerow writes a fun adventure with a couple searching for love. With Gretel as the seller and Hansel as the negotiator, this story sparkles. It’s a quick read with a unique storyline, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Fantasy Quest by Tina Gerow

Fantasy quest, tina gerowFantasy Quest

Astiria Petrey wants nothing more than to lay on a sandy beach reading a good book at the exclusive Fantasy resort. Pestered by dumb jocks in tight shorts, Astiria decides to play the hotel’s role-playing computer game – Fantasy Quest. Only the game is more than she could ever imagine!

As soon as Astiria creates her perfect man–an online Warrior named Lerik, she is sucked through a portal to the mythical Verrath to meet him. There, Astiria must do battle against a host of trials.

If she is unable to succeed, Astiria becomes property of Marsoon, the Goblin King.

Accompanied by a real live gargoyle named Max, and Lerik, the sexy warrior she created from her wildest fantasies, Astiria must discover herself in order to not only win the game, but make her way back home.

Only then can she realize that true love awaits, if only she believes…

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This reviewer’s favorite tale is Fantasy Quest – the concept of being swept into a video game that is written extremely well by Tina Gerow. Lerik is a hero to die for, but Max the loveable gargoyle steals the show.

If you are looking for a book full of fantasy stories with courageous, yet, normal heroines and sexy Alphas, then look no further!

– Donna, A Romance Review (4 Roses)

Tina Gerow is an absolutely delightful author. If you’ve read either book in her Maiden series, you’re in for an immediate chuckle as soon as you start Fantasy Quest. I was completely captivated by the characters in Fantasy Quest and amazed by Ms. Gerow’s creativity. Astiria’s insecurities and Lerik’s ability to alleviate them brought balance to their relationship.

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First Review, Seduction to the Altar

The first review came in for Tia Dani’s latest release Seduction to the Altar.

Night Owl Reviews gave us 4 Stars.

If you’re like I am the first review is always so scary.  I hold my breath as I click the link, all the while praying someone liked my book.  Then almost yell for joy when it’s a good review.

Fortunately, I’ve never received a bad review.  Of course I realize it’s always a possibility.  Not everyone will like our writing, I fully understand that you can’t please everyone.  Still, we try our best to write a good book and keep our fingers crossed the majority will ‘get’ us as writers and let us take them on a short adventure and put a smile on their faces.

Author: Tia Dani

Genre: Spicy Romance

Reviewed by: Tigger9

Seduction to the Altar was a read to remember.Maria has doubts about her relationship with Edward once she surprised him on his birthday. She is self-conscious of the years separating them and worries about him staying with her. She really wants to win the bet with her friends but finds herself falling for Edward. She doesn’t want to hurt Edward and be selfish for just her wants because she is falling for Edward. Edward has his own problems with sharing his feelings though he deals with them a bit better than Maria.The sex scenes are hot and full of feeling. They are not just two strangers scratching an itch but there are deep feelings between the two of them. I loved the characters and the love between them.

Book Blurb  Seduction to the Altar


Maria Tortorici needs a husband. Her high-school reunion is imminent, and awaiting her is a bet she made long ago. Bring a husband or face the music. Determined not to be the victim of her mischievous girlfriends, Maria devises a plan…enchant her younger assistant with a birthday present he’ll never forget.Sexual attraction isn’t the only thing Edward Russell has for his boss. She’s everything he wants in a woman. The hang-up? How to convince her he’s man enough to handle a strong-minded woman like her.But will he still want her once he learns of her conniving plan?

Thanks for letting me share,

Dani, half of the writing team Tia Dani

4 Star Review for Heart of Glass

Heart of Glass by Kayla Janz

4 stars! “This journey with the boys in the band propels readers from page
to page in a fun romp both in and out of the bedroom. The intense sex, which
includes a menage, plays counterpoint to the rockin’ music. A secondary love
story adds a kick to this sure-to-please novel. ” ~Donna M. Brown  for
Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Thanks for letting me share.

Kayla Janz

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

4 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews for Burn Baby Burn!

I got my first review.  I really was holding my breath when I clicked on the link to read it.  Talk about a big sigh of relief when I started reading!

Burn Baby Burn is a sweet, sexy story about a woman burned by love and the man who wants to show her that not all love is as painful as what she’s experienced. The problem is that he’s her cheating ex-husband’s best friend—or so she believes. Marisa Carter is a photographer who is taking shots of Ethan McCafferty for a charity calendar. He’s the sexy firefighter with the Santa Hat covering his… Anyway, when the two get together to take the pictures, Marisa realizes she is attracted to Ethan. He’s obviously attracted to her, too. The problem is that Marisa truly feels that getting involved with another man is a bad idea, after what happened to her last time.

Although this story is hot and sexy, it is heartwarming and tender, too. The emotions between the couple ride high and I could feel Marisa’s pain and disappointment clearly. When the couple grow close, it is easy to see that Ethan cares about how she learns the truth about her ex-husband. He’s compassionate and doesn’t try to make himself look good at anyone else’s expense. Actually, Ethan is the kind of guy any lady would be lucky to know!

I enjoyed reading Burn Baby Burn by Lynne Logan because it felt honest. The sex was steamy and the story sincere.

Reviewed by: Carly 


My first book writing as Cassie Ryan comes out on July 31st and I’m excited to say the great reviews are rolling in 🙂  So, I thought I would share!

This from Romantic Times Magazine reviews – which does NOT give away 4’s lightly:

4 Stars – “This is an incredibly creative read with likable characters.  Alyssa is not perfect which will appeal to readers.  Stone is great hero material and a man who makes Alyssa feel beautiful inside and out with his attention.  If you’re looking for a sexy escape, you’ll find it here.  Ryan has crafted a sensual story that leaves nothing to the imagination.  Lovemaking is described in plain terms with anal sex elements included.”  – Kristi Ahlers

This from Coffee Time Romance:

5 cups – Ceremony of Seduction is the perfect erotic read with just the right touch of paranormal.   Ms. Ryan’s world-building is well-defined  

3rd Review for Warriors Gone Wild


Title: Warriors Gone Wild Anthology
Author: Tina Gerow, Linda Wisdom, Dakota Cassidy, Brit Blaise
Publisher: Triskelion Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Mythological, Sci-Fi, Time Travel, Paranormal
Publication date: August 2006
ISBN: 1-60186-010-2
Pages: 163
Series:  Knights of the Magic Realm


Heat Level:
Rating:     lips There are four and a half lips here, but when I copied the half dropped off…4 !/2 lips

Fantasy Quest by Tina Gerow

Astiria Petrey needs a vacation and when the opportunity for a free one pops up, she takes advantage of the opportunity.  Fantasy Quest is a beautiful Caribbean resort where the oddest things keep on happening such as room service arriving with exactly what it is she wants to eat without her ever ordering it.  It’s enough to make a girl wonder if she’s losing her mind.  As a self-proclaimed computer geek, she’s more than happy to play video games while a storm brews outside. 

Lord Lerik is a strong and powerful master warrior that lives in Verrath, an alternate universe to Earth.  He’s been waiting for the mate that the Seer foretold would arrive when the time was right.  

Tina Gerow is an absolutely delightful author.  If you’ve read either book in her Maiden series, you’re in for an immediate chuckle as soon as you start Fantasy Quest.  I was completely captivated by the characters in Fantasy Quest and amazed by Ms. Gerow’s creativity.  Astiria’s insecurities and Lerik’s ability to alleviate them brought balance to their relationship.    

Guarding the Hellion by Linda Wisdom

Brad Hayes is hired by Shar, the Lord of the Underworld to keep an eye on his baby sister, Raven.  Raven is not to know he’s there to protect her while she’s on vacation. 

Raven convinces her half-brother, Shar, to let her go on vacation.  Shar doesn’t know that her main purpose is to spend the time trying to come up with a way to have to return Below. 

Guarding the Hellion is a lighthearted romp with several serious moments.  It’s a nice balance and both Brad and Raven are likeable characters.  Their private thoughts and interactions were entertaining.  Their chemistry was hot and exciting.  I enjoyed reading Guarding the Hellion.  

Mac To the Future by Dakota Cassidy

Jaynie Renfro is the Editor-In-Chief of That’s Amore’, a magazine owned by her mother.  She hosts the annual cover model contests yet is not impressed by man-girl vying for the coveted role. 

Cormac of Anglesey, or Mac, is from the year 1450 and is on a quest to find his magic sword. 

Mac To the Future is fantastic.  Jaynie’s interaction with the cover models was hilarious and her inner ramblings pure entertainment.  Mac is truly a sexy man with a rapier wit and his bantering with his sword is absolutely delightful.  Dakota Cassidy really “owned” these characters and made sure that they lived up to their potential.  I wish this had been a full-length story, as I didn’t want it to end!

Time Thieves by Brit Blaise

Colonel Daken Parker is a Borka, and head of Shadow Team Ten.  He’s been sent with his team to catch Korin, individuals that wreak havoc throughout time and space.  When a security guard attempts to stop his team, they try to erase her memory and when they fail, are forced to take her with them. 

When Jenny Bender came upon five men breaking into a storage unit, she didn’t know it would save her life by altering the future.  When one series of events leads to another, she offers her assistance and her loyalty to these men and their quest to save the future.

Brit Blaise is a master storyteller.  The characters in Time Thieves jump off the pages and the storyline is both action packed and exciting.  The love scenes are so hot you’ll be challenged to catch your breath.  I hope that this is the beginning of a wonderful new series because I would love to hear Peck’s tale.  Or Lawzard’s.  Or….

A new review…

Four Fallen Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews

Knights of the Magical Realm: Warriors Gone Wild
In Knights of the Magical Realm: Warriors Gone Wild be prepared for action, adventure, lots of laughter, and plenty of heat.

Tina Gerow starts off the anthology with Fantasy Quest.

Astiria Petrey is on vacation at Fantasy Quest; however, the beauty of the beaches and sunsets seem lacking. The only man who appeals to her is within the confines of the resort’s online game. What happens when she finds herself standing next to her dream man?

Tina Gerow always delights with her ability to blend humor and romance. With unusual situations and witty dialogue, I found myself smiling throughout. The connection between Astiria and Lerik is passionate and romantic. What I especially enjoyed is how Ms. Gerow crafted an ending that captures Astiria’s personality to a “t”.

Linda Wisdom continues with her own type of warrior in Guarding the Hellion.

Brady Hayes owes a very powerful demon a favor. Fortunately, all that is asked of him is to guard said demon’s sister while she is on vacation in the human realm. Of course Brady is expecting someone hideous, not the vivacious and alluring Raven. The ideas running through his mind have nothing to do with protection.

Guarding the Hellion is a fun story. Raven is nothing like readers or Brady expects and thus begins the excitement. The instant chemistry between them delivers some wonderful scenes. Raven’s secret intent brings conflict and tests the bounds of their feelings, but also makes this a unique romance. The story flows well from start to finish with the ending being especially touching.

Mac To the Future by Dakota Cassidy is next and it continues the trend of sexy warriors.

Mac is not from our time and he is especially not your average cover model contestant. This warrior is on a mission and it does not include discovering the best hair gel and sleeping with a Prima Donna author. However, his quest is interrupted by lovely coordinator, Jaynie Renfro. Can this time traveling hero finish his mission and have the girl too?

Dakota Cassidy delivers plenty of raw wit and comical dialogue. Jaynie’s dilemma is enough to have any woman rolling their eyes and laughing at the antics of her charges. Mac is a wonderful counterpart to this often too serious woman. He brings her laughter and passion that are wonderful to experience. These two combine to create an unlikely, but well-matched couple.

Brit Blaise rounds out this anthology with her engaging story, Time Thieves.

Daken is on what should be his last mission. He and his team are supposed to stop the latest round of time thieves and return home. Only their mission hits a snag in the form of Jenny Bender. This twentieth-century cop can’t believe the bevy of sexy men before her; even more unbelievable is that she is stuck with them as they embark on a fantastic assignment. What’s a girl to do?

Time Thieves is an action packed story that brings this anthology to a wonderful close. I was impressed with the level of character development and storyline details Brit Blaise conveys in this short story. Not only are Daken and Jenny fun to get to know, but the additional characters have this reader hoping we will be seeing more of them.

Knights of the Magical Realm: Warriors Gone Wild is winning combination. The four distinct stories combine to create a composite piece of work well worth reading.

Reviewed by: Amanda