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Truth is Stranger Than Fiction #Truestory

lisa pietsch, task force 125Why do people always call “Shenanigans!” on my books for the things that really happened?  #Truestory  I guess I need to work on making the truth more believable.

I was browsing through some reviews of my books the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see that all the bad ones were readers who couldn’t believe a part in the story that was based on a real life experience.  It made my day!

OK, well, it didn’t make my day to read bad reviews, but the fact they’d give me a bad review because they couldn’t believe something real in my story – yeah, that was something I could live with.  Here are just a few incidents where readers called bullshit:

lisa pietsch, task force 125How could a woman spend three books falling in love with someone only to fall in love with someone else in the fourth book? 

#Truestory People change.  Sometimes the man you meet in a whirlwind isn’t looking for the same thing – and I call it a happily ever after if you manage to part amicably and both find your true loves.

How can people who’s lives depend on their level of fitness and stamina smoke like chimneys and drink (alcohol) like fish?

#Truestory I spent years on active duty in the USAF Security Forces.  We had to run faster, jump higher, and shoot straighter than anyone else in the Air Force and we were on call 24/7/365.  lisa pietsch, task force 125We’d work fourteen-hour days (3 out of 4 of us smoking a pack of cigarettes a day) and then hit the gym after work.  After working six days, we’d get three days off and two of them involved drinking (the third day off was usually a training day or at the firing range).  Not to nitpick, but what this gentle reader didn’t understand is that my characters aren’t drinking so much they get drunk.  James Bond drank and smoked too.

Hot people want for nothing. They don’t have to engage in the social niceties that non-hot people must endure. They don’t have to wait in lines or pay their own way. 

I loved this comment for its snarkiness.  I’ve been fat and I’ve been hot.  Guess what, Kindle Reader?  #Truestory Free drinks, free meals, free clothes…there are Sugar Babies and Social Media Influencers all over the world who will back me up on this.

lisa pietsch, task force 125Las Vegas loves hot people! If you’re hot, you can call the front desk and ask for a dress to be delivered. They will sense your hotness over the phone and deliver a Versace dress!  

Again, same guy as above.  I wish he’d left his name because I’d love to have him tear apart all my books with snark like this.  It smacks of Mystery Science Theater and I get a kick out of it!  Unfortunately, #Truestory again.  Not so much the hotness thing, but Vegas is very customer centric and if you check into Caesar’s Palace and call the concierge, he’ll send up what you need and charge it to your room.  You still have to pay the bill when you check out.

That particular reader listed eight points where he called “Bullshit” on my story.  Five of them were based on real-life incidents.  That makes me smile.


Some of my favorite characters are anti-heroes

Long story short, my books aren’t for everyone.  They aren’t formulaic romance and I write fights better than I do sex (so I don’t write a whole lot of sex).  My characters are flawed.  They aren’t perfect.  They drink, smoke, swear and kill people.  But if you’re looking for some pulp fiction loaded with anti-heroes and action, you’ll probably find something to like about Task Force 125.

If you’d like a FREE copy of The Path to Freedom, the first book in the series, send me an email HERE and I’ll send it to you!

lisa pietsch, task force 125lisa pietsch, task force 125