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Lisa is Having One of Those Days

I missed a deadline and the pre-orders for Ballantine’s Day were canceled.  Not my best author moment.  The book is still coming out.  I just learned that selling pre-orders before seeing my editor love notes isn’t a good idea.  Ever.

It's one of those days...

More Task Force 125 with Ballantine’s Day by Lisa Pietsch

ballantine's DayWhen his entire team is wiped out in an attack on their safe house, Karl must not only clear his name with the CIA and find the real culprits, but he has to do it with a shiny new blonde bombshell agent who is completely wrong for the sort of fieldwork necessary.
Tracey Ballantine was used to being underestimated by men who couldn’t see past her blonde hair and blue eyes, but there was something so wrong about Karl that she knew she’d have to kill him in his sleep.
Can two wrongs make it right?

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