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LAYOVER: Looking Good at The Wild Rose Press

Here is the top ten best sellers this week at The Wild Rose Press, Scarlet Rose, Minature Roses.  Where passion burns, desire rules and love is only a heartbeat away.

1.  Layover –    Tia Dani

2.  Perfect –  Jennifer Leeland

3.  Blood Ritual –  L. Rosario

4.  Captive Valentine – L. Rosario

5.  Bound By Blood – L. Rosario 

6.  Burn Baby Burn –  Lynne Logan

7.  Seduce Me, I’m Irish – Allie Standifer

8. The Sea Prince – Brenna Zinn

9. Wrong Number, Right Man – Darah Lace

10. One Sinful Night –  Jalena Burke 

Yea! Tia Dani rocks at # 1.  Lynne, you’re on the list too. I am so happy at how well this little story is doing and to see another Butterscotch Martini Girl on the top 10 list also.  BTW, Lynne’s Burn Baby Burn held the # 1 place for weeks.

I want to say also that I’m very proud to be a part of the Romance genre of writing. And a big congratulations go out to everyone at TWRP.

Have a sexy day,

Dani – writing as Tia Dani