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Happy Birthday, Brit Blaise!

brit blaiseOn this day in history, a special friend was born. I met her online, through my publisher, and instantly liked her. She was a snarky, sassy, spitfire of a broad who was always up for a dare.

We’d race each other through writing sprints and NaNoWriMos with the ‪#‎sbpcagematch‬.  See some of her tweets below.

cactus creek cowboys, brit blaise, cowboy fictionShe loved her family, adored her husband, and considered her friends family. You were either in or out with this lady. I liked that.

Then her battle with breast cancer began.
We rallied around her as she fought the good fight
And won.

When round 2 rolled around, she fought again but punch by punch, her glimmer began to fade.

cactus creek, cowboys, brit blaiseToday she celebrates her birthday with her family and a hospice nurse.

We celebrate by celebrating her life and the body of work she’s created for her readers.

It’s hard to let go of friends like Brit Blaise, but even more difficult is living a life without stars that shine in it like she has for so many.  

Thank you for writing all those cowboys!

cactus creek, cowboys, brit blaiseHappy birthday, dear friend.

To all our readers: Brit’s fight was expensive and without a way to make direct donations, we would ask you to please buy her books.  Buy lots of her books and give them to your family & friends.  The royalties from sales will help Brit’s family pay for all the care she has received and continues to receive in hospice.

Brit’s books at Amazon.com 

Brit’s books at Barnes & Noble

Brit’s books at Smashwords





Got a favorite quote, tweet, or Facebook post from Brit? Please feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

Amazon Reviewers All in or Undecided #reviews

rp_hahahastar-300x283.jpgBy accident today, I came upon an Amazon reviewer who has done well over 100 reviews.

I saw one particular review she’d written for a book I was considering and thought it harsh. Actually I was trying to decide if I would get this book from the library or buy it. I’m way over my Kindle budget this month, after two more purchases yesterday. And it’s a pricier book which is part of a series. The review was brutal!

So I looked at some of the other reviews given by this person. The first two pages were nothing but 1 Star reviews. Occasionally, the reviewer would give a good review, but about 80% of them were beyond brutal, even telling people not to buy the books, over and over again. This was an eye-opening experience for me. After reading so many despicable statements about author after author…I don’t believe anything this reviewer says.

I just pray he or she doesn’t pick up one of my books. I was more suspicious of the 5 Star reviews. Now I need to rethink this. Maybe I need to look closer at the STARS or ignore them altogether.

However if she ever does give me one of her zingers, I think I might even smile about it. I’d be in good company.

Never Give Up BMG-Style

brit&tinaNever Give up is a good motto to live by no matter what your circumstances.

When Tina Gerow and I started our little critique group in the fall of 2003, we were confident we’d one day be published. We didn’t have a doubt and there was no way in Heaven or Hades we would give up our dream. Not a single solitary doubt…

Before I met Tina, I wouldn’t say I had doubts.  I didn’t have the assured expectation of success.  Tina and I shared the expectation of success.

One year later, in the fall of 2004, I had a contract from a small Indie epub. I loved the owner of that company, Rose. She was a wonderful encouragement to me. And the experience taught me a lot. In January of 2005 I was published and by the end of that year had 8 more contracts by another publisher. I also had a manuscript sitting with New York publisher that would be eventually accepted.

Tina had her first contract that year too. We did it together. And we did it fast.

Then three years ago we did something else together, although by this time we were physically two thousand miles apart. We both had critical events, and AVM (not ATV) for Tina, and breast cancer for me. Tina is still in recovery, me…not so much.

Yet both of us are still of the never give up mentality. Both of us are working hard to get our books out.

I even have a new release coming from Ellora’s Cave. When I signed the contract in 2013 I was in remission. And now it’s scheduled for release April 4th, 10 days from now!

And today I have the #2 Book on Amazon’s Hot New Releases for Westerns. I think that qualifies as never giving up!

Brit’s Amazon

Tina’s Amazon


More Romantic Times Pictures…

more-rt-from-rita.JPG Rita from South Africa sent this picture to me from L to R, Kayla Janz, Brit Blaise, Carolan Ivey, RITA from South Africa, J.C. Wilder and Cheyenne McCray and sans butterscotch martinis.