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Ceremony of Seduction released in Spanish!!!!

I came home the other night to find a box on my doorstep from Kensington.  I figured they’d sent me a few more author copies of Vision of Seduction, so I didn’t open it right away. Once I finally got around to opening it, I was happily shocked at what I found.

Ceremonia de Seduccion, aka, Ceremony of Seduction in Spanish, as sold in Spain.  Woo Hoo!  Before this I didn’t even know any of the foreign rights had been sold.  I did Google it to try to find the cover image to post up here, but the image showing on the Spanish bookstores isn’t the same one I received, so there might be a few different versions floating around out there.

The cover it actually has on it is a fuzzed out picture of a couple embracing–so much more tame than either of my Seduction Series covers in the US…lol!

Now the only Spanish I know is what I learned on Sesame Street, so a lot of the words in this book are totally beyond my comprehension…lol.  However, in the dedication, I had said, “To my Critique Group, The Butterscotch Martini Girls…” and the Translation of that is fun 🙂 “Mis Mejores criticas, las Chicas Butterscotch Martini”

Anyway, I’m still doing a big happy dance off this one!  Cassie Ryan has gone International!!  Here’s hoping for more translation books to pour in!!  I’d love to be able to add “Whose books are available in 44 languages world wide!” or something fun like that to my bio.  Tee Hee!

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