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“What Not to Do on a Date” Butterscotch Martini Girls’ Blab Replay

Here are the Twitter highlights and the corresponding video from the Butterscotch Martini Girls’ chat last night about “What Not to do on a Date”.

Don’t drink anything while listening or reading unless you’ve covered your computer screen with plastic.

When a man feels he has to test you because you may not be classy enough to take out into public – You might want to take a pass on that second date.



If Billy Bob’s Belly Buster Cafe isn’t your idea of a wild time, take that “emergency text” from nobody just before you hit the cash register with your big spender.

At what point should a man disclose to you that he stores ammunition under his floorboards “in case of emergency”? And what would constitute a pulling up the floorboards sort of emergency? This man is probably not dating material unless the zombie apocalypse has already occurred.


I’ve always felt disclosing ownership of a Russian-made automatic assault rifle was a 3rd date sort of thing.


A girl can be outdoorsy and posh but usually not on the same date without a change of clothes.  Let’s not be ridiculous with our demands here, fellas.

We like to think we’re all ladies here.



Leaving the tags on usually means we don’t plan on keeping the dress or you.  Take a powder, stud.

A mom in the back seat is just one step away from the Bates Motel.  Say “Hellz NO!”



Orange may be the new black, but don’t let him try to pass off an orange jumpsuit as his mechanic uniform at Jiffy Lube.

Kayce Lassiter has had some wild rides.  That was one of them.



He may be hot in the sack, but if all those women didn’t keep him, you’re either very lucky or he’s just not a keeper.

It’s just not cool to send a woman you want to date selfies of your nethers.


So you grab him by the collar and plant one on him anyway.



The guy who sees spies in the bushes may not be the man you want to settle down with.

Some married couples go decades without ever saying this to each other.  Keep your fingers out of the pull zone.  Farting is not for show.



Usually a good sign he’s not going to call.

You’ll have to weigh the benefits, but a job is handy.



Measure twice, cut once.

That’s what she said!



They always do.  They always do.

Some men are handicapped with porn star appendages.  It can be dangerous.



If he calls before your first date and tells you to pick up condoms, it’s not a date.

Seriously.  Do you want to be the guy who keeps sliding out of the condom because you’re too small for it?  Or maybe you’re a big fan of balloon animals?



Men have porn buddies who remove the porn from their homes when they die.  Women have similar agreements for their sex toys.

Just say “God Bless” and be on your way.



Because you need to refill your antibiotic prescription for the clap?

If he wants to meet you at a bar out in the desert, keep in mind there’s lots of sand to bury you in on his way home.  Bring cab fare.



The guy who brags about being vindictive to those who have spurned him usually gets spurned a lot – and for good reason.

This is a good time to block his number.



We all agreed this move was in poor taste.

You have to appreciate a woman who knows what she wants.



We’re not sure how we’ll pull that one off, but if anyone can, we can!