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Betcha Didn’t Know…

I thought since Easter is coming around real quick, I’d share some little known and interesting facts about Easter.

  • The celebration of Easter has roots in three different traditions – Hebrew, Pagan and Christianity.
  • Easter was given that specific name because early Christians wanted to convert others and they thought everyone was familiar with the name, because it was an old spring tradition.
  • The White Lily is a symbol of Christ’s resurrection for Easter.
  • The hare and the egg became the symbol of Easter.  Both are signs of fertility.  The hare changed over to the rabbit because rabbits were far more common than hares.
  • The basket became a tradition, because it was a custom for Cathlolics to bring their food to mass in order for it to be blessed.  It was also an ancient agrarian custom to bring a family’s first crop to the local temple.
  • Jelly beans didn’t become a tradition in the United States until the 1930s.
  • The first edible Bunny began its tradition in Germany.  It wasn’t made of chocolate but of pastry and sugar.

Lynne Logan