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A checklist for aspiring erotic romance writers:

A checklist for aspiring erotic romance writers:


  Are willing to sacrifice the time to do extensive research with your partner.

        (Sweetheart, I prefer the velvet lined handcuffs.)

   Get turned on by what you’re writing.

        (Damn. Where’s my partner when I need him?)

   Can make readers believe that you’ve had sex with elves, vampires & cowboys.

       (Wow, you must have lots of experience to write sex like that.)

Can write “those words.”

        (Saying them out loud is not required.)

   Can write sensual and non-cliché dialogue in sex scenes.

        (As in more original than, “Oooh, yeah. Give it to me, baby.”)

   Can create a hero that you would like to have sex with.Forbidden300

        (Honey, can you start working out at the gym & grow your hair shoulder-length?)

   Are willing to read lots of erotic romances to get a feel for the genre.

        (It’s rough, but someone’s gotta do it.)

   Can write sex scenes without worrying what your family & neighbors might think.

        (Um, Mom. Sorry, but you can’t read my books.)

   Can write with an open mind and push the envelope—anything goes.

        (Yes, vampires can have mind-blowing sex with werewolves. Two at a time even.)

   can be creative and forget vanilla sex; instead triple almond caramel cherry crunch!

       inked300 (Ménages, sex toys, sex with faeries, sex while underwater…)

   can make something as simple as eating cheesecake sensual and sexual.

        (Give me some of what she’s having!)

□  can leave behind stereotypes, restraints on women’s sexuality, and shame.

        (When it comes to sex, if it feels good, honey, it is good.)

   can write a solid romance with strong sex scenes, a strong plot, and a HEA.

        (Funny thing how our readers actually love a good story along with all that sex…)

SOLD2_300dpi   can forget “the rules” that you may have learned in traditional romance publishing.

        (Yes, you can write that!)

   and most importantly, you, too can be an erotic romance writer if you

LOVE writing it!

~Cheyenne aka Jaymie

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Trio of Seduction by Cassie Ryan

trio of seduction, cassie ryanTrio of Seduction

A Destined Encounter. . .The moment she lays eyes on him, Dr. Kiera Matthews is mesmerized by the rugged, sexually charged man who is at once her savior from danger and a sworn enemy of her mother’s people. Yet, as he stands before her, pulsing with physical energy, Kiera feels an irresistible longing stirring deep within her. And when he speaks, his voice alone sends waves of desire through her body. . .a body that will soon discover its own sensual force. For Kiera is destined to reunite their estranged races–by joining herself with this man whose mission it has been to find her. . .Becomes A Union Of Uninhibited Passion. . .As the 10th Prince of Klatch, an otherwordly clan whose sexual energy is their life force, Ryan has been searching for his future mate–the Healer who will help him restore his dying world. Now he has found her in the form of a fair-haired hellion born of an enemy society. But he has no doubt Kiera is his destiny. As a being who requires sex to survive, Ryan’s fantasies were always filled with darkly beautiful women. But now it is this strong-willed blonde whom he craves and is determined to show her the most potent pleasure. . .

Praise for Cassie Ryan and her Seduction Trilogy. . .Buy it now!“Deliciously wicked and sexy. . .intensely satisfying!” –Cheyenne McCray

“Ceremony of Seduction is the perfect erotic read. . .well defined and beyond extraordinary.” —Coffee Time Romance (5 cups)

Buy it now!

For 99¢ Tina Gerow goes EROTIC!


As I mentioned in my last blog, I’ve received feedback that Sleeping With Shadows is erotic and not just sensual as I had thought when I put it out under my Tina Gerow name, so in light of my relaunch under its more accurate category, Sleeping With Shadows is on sale in its Kindle edition for only 99¢ for a limited time!

Here’s an excerpt of the book from my earlier blog:

WARNING:  We usually keep the material on the BMG blog a bit PG13, this excerpt is NOT.

Hope you enjoy it!


Tina Gerow goes erotic! WARNING: HOT scene enclosed…


For those of you familiar with my writing you know that as Tina Gerow I write paranormal romance that is sexy and sensual, and snarky.  And as Cassie Ryan I still write paranormal romance that’s definitely snarky, but it’s smokin’ hot erotic – usually with a little kink for fun 🙂

So each book that I write, I have to decide up front which pen name I’m writing under so I know what kind of heat level to include in the book.


When I wrote my latest novel, Sleeping With Shadows, it was with a definite Tina heat level in mind.  It definitely has some very sensual scenes and situations, but it was nowhere near the heat of my Cassie books…or so I thought…

Now some back story…

Sleeping With Shadows was the last book I wrote before my brain blowout.  My agent read pieces of it as it was finished and she did question a few of the things that were in there thinking the heat level might be much higher than other similar books in the genre.  However, after we discussed it, I went to the local bookstore and found books in the paranormal romantic suspense genre that had similarly heated scenes and “acts” to Sleeping With Shadows.

It was one of the funniest emails I’ve ever written to her outlining the similarities and listing the other books, authors and ‘acts’ that were comparable.  It was a pretty graphic email, but she and I both needed to know that it was within the “norm” of that genre and that it didn’t eek into the Cassie Ryan territory.

Okay, fast forward three years.  Even though my agent told me this was the best book I’d ever written, she wasn’t able to sell it to a New York publisher.  After all, Cassie Ryan has New York numbers, but Tina Gerow still doesn’t.  Tina Gerow has sold to small press publishers and even to foreign publishers, but not to New York, so would be counted as a new author.

Yes, I know – Cassie & Tina are the same exact person, but from a branding perspective, and thus a New York perspective, Tina is a brand new author and therefore a harder sell.

Anyway- that’s why I decided to publish Sleeping With Shadows myself.  In fact, it’s my first self published book.

My critique group, The Butterscotch Martini Girls, make it a habit to buy each others’ books as they come out.  Now while I was writing this one several of the girls were dealing with either health or family issues so I don’t think they had much of a chance to critique Sleeping With Shadows, so it was mostly new to them!  So when my long-time friend and critique partner Brit Blaise bought the book, I was eager to hear what she thought.  After all, she started our Butterscotch Martini Girls critique group back in 2003, and I learned a TON about this business called writing from her!

So imagine my shock when she came back to me and told me that Sleeping With Shadows was definitely NOT just a sensual book, but erotic.  Now she did say it was a “classy” erotic…LOL!  Which makes sense because the Cassie Ryan books, while erotic, do have a bit of a kink factor, and the situations are a bit on the kink side most of the time too.  But since I REALLY respect Brit’s opinion – she’s an amazing erotic author in her own right, and was the one who helped me take my Tina Gerow sensual heat level and turn it up to smokin’ hot to create Cassie Ryan when Kensington Aphrodisia was looking to start a new line of erotic paranormal romances, I was really looking forward to her feedback! And I got it 🙂  It’s erotic, not just sensual…

Sooooooo……  I’m rebranding the book as an EROTIC paranormal romantic suspense and letting the world know of this switch in categories.  And the best way I knew how to do that is to offer you up an excerpt as an example….  So, to take Brit’s comment, here’s an example of the “Classy erotic” LOL!


So let the games begin…

Matt woke to the sensual sensation of Sarah running her fingers lightly through his chest hair. He turned his head and could just make out the line of her jaw where she leaned on her elbow next to him in the darkness. Her hair tickled over his bare shoulder sending jolts of pure lust through him and straight to his groin.

“Sarah.” His voice came out sounding strangled as she laid a line of open mouthed kisses over his chest and continued downward to his stomach, stripping away the sheet and comforter ahead of her eager lips.

As the cool air hit his skin, rows of goose bumps pebbled over him in a rush.
Matt swallowed hard in a last-ditch effort to keep enough blood inside his brain to ask Sarah about being in a Houston hospital so he could judge her reaction. “I need to talk to you.”

A smug feminine chuckle against his stomach sent lava shooting through his veins and made his cock throb to life under her seeking hands. “So, talk,” she whispered against his skin as she closed her hot mouth over the head of his erection.

Matt hissed at the intense pleasure that rocketing through his system as she teased just the sensitive head by swirling her tongue over him and lightly sucking.

He dug his fingers into the sheets, trying to anchor his body against the skyrocketing sensations inside him.
“I can’t think, let alone talk while you’re doing that.”

Her throaty laugh vibrated down his length and sent searing heat shooting through his veins. She pushed his legs apart and settled between them. Her smooth curves brushing lightly against the hair on his legs was like a thousand erotic caresses, and he shuddered against the onslaught.

“Sarah,” he tried again as the last vestiges of blood left his brain, heading due south.

When Sarah ran her fingernails over the sensitive skin just below his testicles, he nearly jumped off the bed, and he sucked in a lungful of air against the intense sensations.

As if to sooth him, she slowly lowered her tightened lips over him, taking more of him inside the heated cave of her mouth. Matt groaned long and low, then bit his lip to keep from thrusting forward until she took all of him.

He closed his eyes against the sensual assault and let the heated pleasure spill through him like good whiskey, dark and slow.

Sarah gently cupped his balls as her lips finally slid down around the base of him, his full length buried deep inside her mouth and throat. He had only a second to register the sensation before she moved again, slowly sliding him out between her tightened lips as her tongue swirled over him in a torturous caress.

She set a steady rhythm, pulling him nearly all the way out, the head of his aching erection still captured in the wet heat of her mouth before she began to suck him inside once more.

Lost in a roiling wave of ecstasy, Matt opened his legs wider giving her full access to do whatever she wished. As long as she continued her erotic assault on his senses.

When Sarah sat back, releasing him with a small pop, she wrapped her fingers around him and cool air hit the tip of his wet cock.

Matt gasped until her warm tongue traced a path from just below his testicles, up over the sensitive sac. She gently sucked one of his balls inside her mouth as she stroked him from base to tip in a slow, steady rhythm Matt was convinced would drive him insane.

He buried his fingers in the warm mass of her hair, enjoying his unconditional surrender to Sarah’s whims.

She kissed a path over to his other testicle and then sucked that one into her mouth as well, while she continued to stroke him.

His balls slowly tightened under her ministrations and he felt pre come pool at the tip of his cock as he hardened further in her hand. “Damn it, Sarah. I want to be inside you.”

“Mmm.” She abandoned his balls and laved a slow line up the length of him until she could lick the drop of moisture away and tease the tip of her tongue along his slit spearing pleasure through him like an electric shock.

Matt’s hold tightened in her hair as his impulses screamed for him to roll her over on the bed and plunge inside her.

“I love the way you taste, Matthew.” She sucked the head of his cock lightly as if making sure she got every bit of moisture. “I want to feel you come inside my mouth.”
The dark, erotic words surged through his body like a wildfire out of control. Matt swallowed hard as vivid images of him spilling inside Sarah’s mouth while she watched him with those beautiful hazel eyes darkened with passion, flashed across his mind’s eye like a promise of things to come.

He had no warning before she leaned over him again and took his entire length into her mouth, his sensitive head bumping against the back of her throat before she slid him out again and repeated the process.

Quick, panting breaths were all Matt could manage as the barrage of overwhelming sensations drove him toward a cliff of insanity he begged to reach.
His heart pounded like thundering hooves, echoing through his head until he thought his ears might burst from the intensity.

Matt’s balls tightened against his body, and the familiar tingling began deep inside his pelvis as Sarah continued her assault on his senses, the sounds of enjoyment deep in her throat vibrating through him as her silky hair danced a teasing path over his stomach and legs.

Without warning, he exploded, sending hot jets of his release deep into Sarah’s waiting mouth.

She continued her ministrations, milking him until his body finished convulsing and a thick haze of euphoria had spread through his limbs.

He was distantly aware of her kissing the tip of his softening penis and crawling up his body to curl beside him, pulling the covers with her. She laid her head on his shoulder, tucked into the crook of his neck. Her hair was so close to his face, each of Matt’s breaths was filled with the soft musk of vanilla and the unique scent that was Sarah.

He curled his arm around her protectively and splayed his fingers over her bare hip. “Give me a few minutes to recover, and then we really need to talk.”

Her throaty chuckle was the last thing Matt remembered before sleep took him.

Got Balance?

robbins.JPGFirst, let me say thank you to the Butterscotch Martini Girls for having me as a guest blogger today. And a special thanks to Brit for letting me take her normal Monday blog spot. Thanks, sweetie! 🙂

Okay, now a little about me:

I’m Eden Robins. I’m currently published through Cerridwen Press. I like to write paranormals, science fiction, dark fantasy and straight contemporary romances. I also write nonfiction inspirational and if I have the opportunity to write a Modern Day Fairytale here and there, I’ll jump at the chance. I like to listen to alternative or hard rock when I write, but usually prefer silence when I edit. Go figure.

I love the magic of both the sparkling blue ocean and the deep earthy forest, but if I had to pick one it would be the forest. The whispering of pine trees as they sway in the wind brings me unbelievable peace. I love dogs, pugs in particular and am the proud owner of two-Mimi and Jasmine. I really enjoy dancing. I’ve even taken some ball room dancing lessons, but would still not call myself a talented dancer. Yet I have a blast trying! I’ve been taking kickboxing classes for about a year and a half and I thrive on the energy that brings. I’m also a part time faery queen, just visit the Romantic Times Booklovers convention site to learn more. Last, but definitely not least, I’m a mom. Love it, live it, work hard at it.

I’m published in all of the above and am loving every minute of the ride. Okay, almost every minute. But that’s the nature of the beast, isn’t it? As a matter of fact, that’s the nature of life. The yin and the yang. The good and the bad. There can’t be one without the other. That’s balance.

Grrrr….there’s that word again…Balance. It’s one I ponder and obsess over time and time again. I’m trying to find that right fit, where the “weight” of one part of my life stays even with the other.

You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about, so let me explain…

On one side of my computer I have pictures of my children and family and on the other I have reviews, author quotes and some contest wins. Seems odd, yet both inspire me, each in their own way. I want my family to be proud of me, of who I am, of how I live, of what I do, and of what I accomplish. On the other hand, I also stay motivated by looking at the progress of the work I’ve done and the industry’s recognition of that. Both are motivators, both affect my life and my work.

Here’s my conundrum. Family and work, family and work, family and work. I want to give both their due, but it isn’t always so cut and dried. Wish it were. Some days I really wish it were. My family is so important to me. I want it to stay close, harmonized, healthy, loving and productive. My writing is also important to me. I want it o stay harmonized, healthy and productive as well.

But I still juggle both clumsily-sometimes leaning too heavily toward one or the other and losing a ball or two along the way. And I don’t want that. I don’t want to drop any of the balls. Ever.

That, I’m beginning to believe is where the problem lies. Constant perfection isn’t possible. Perfect balance isn’t possible all day, ever day. It just isn’t realistic to think otherwise. So once again, I’m relearning a lesson I thought I had learned. It’s simply this. As either a writer or simply a human being,  perfection is not all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it’s something that just might crack me up if I continue to believe the notion that I can live up to it.

No, perfection is not the answer and perfect balance is not always possible.

So what’s left?

Well, me of course. Perfectly imperfect me. But that’s not what’s ultimately the most important point of all of this. What is important is what I strive to do as me. I need to strive to be the best family member I can be. The best mom, partner, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, etc. that I can be. The best I can be. Not the most perfect, but the best I can be. This also means that I need to strive to be the best writer I can be. Not perfect, not without flaws, just the best darn writer, write with my blood, guts and soul that I can be.

Perfection is not me. It’s not something I will be able to live up to in a balanced life. But being the best I can be-now that is doable. That is possible. And that is a goal in itself which I feel will bring balance to my world.

So watch out family–watch out world! The best darn family member/author who writes with her blood, guts and soul that I can be is coming your way!

Okay, now I feel ready to start my week.

How about you?


Eden Robins

Dark, Dangerous and Decadent Happily-Ever-Afters  www.edenrobins.com  http://www.myspace.com/edenrobins


Excerpt from CEREMONY OF SEDUCTION (Fair warning – this is a HOT excerpt)

Good morning everyone!!  It’s another Friday, so here I am again.  Since my first book with the Kensington Aprhodisia line comes out July 31st and I’m deep into writing the next one in the series, I thought I’d post an excerpt to whet your appetites 🙂  As I said above, fair warning – this excerpt contains foul language, frank sexual terms and discussions and snarky sarcasm (three of my favorite things!)  Heck, add butterscotch martinis and I’d call it a great date! 🙂  Anyway, here we go…

“You,” he pointed toward her, “are Alyssandra de Klatch, first Princess of the Klatch.  And I’ve told you for years, one day I’d find you and we could finally be together.”

Shock traveled all the way to her gut.  When she dreamed of him, he’d always called her Alyssandra or Princess.  That was one of the reasons she’d always assumed he was purely a product of her overactive imagination.  All of this was crazy, but something inside her knew he wasn’t lying.  But a Princess?  Not likely. 

“Stone,” she whispered.  I might be losing my mind, but if I get to be insane with him for the rest of my life, I’ll take that over what I’ve lived for the past twenty-three years. 

He nodded, his lopsided smile making his dimple more pronounced.  “Yes, you remember me.”  He looked pleased.  “If you’d taken better care of yourself, witch, then you wouldn’t have had to subsist on dreams.  Since I’m here now, we can rectify that situation.”

She blushed as she realized exactly what his definition of “rectify” was.  “Stop calling me witch and just answer the rest of my questions!”  Or throw me on the floor now, and we can talk later…
He shook his head.  “Your heritage is very strong.”  He rubbed his stomach and chuckled.  “As well as the rest of you.  But you are a witch.  A Klatch witch.”

She narrowed her eyes at him.  “You said my name was Alyssandra de Klatch.  But that still doesn’t make me a witch.  And I was born Alyssa Moss.”

“No, actually you were stolen from your true family by Cunts.”

“Excuse me?” she demanded, shocked he would use the offensive term in front of her.  “I’m far from prude, but I hate that word.”

“As you should.”  He laughed, the warm sexy sound, which had melted her in her dreams, even now caused her nipples to tighten against her thin cotton top.  His eyes zeroed in on her shirt as if he knew.  She blushed and looked away.  “My apologies.  You have lived among the humans for far too long to understand my reference.  Long ago, the Klatch had a civil war and split into two factions, the original Klatch and a new faction who called themselves Cunts.”

Alyssa snorted in disbelief.  “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

“As much as I’d like to fuck you…no.  I do not joke about our history.”  He took another long pull of the water and she was fascinated by the way his throat worked as he swallowed.  She resisted a sudden urge to run her tongue over the dip in his throat where his Adam’s apple bobbed.  His eyes glinted with mirth and she was afraid he knew what she’d been thinking.

Mercifully, he continued without mentioning it.  In one fluid movement, he stood and pulled her to him, pressing her against the long line of his body.  Her breath caught in her throat and every inch of her body screamed for her to rub herself shamelessly against him—or maybe just throw him on the floor and impale herself on his cock.

 The sudden urge slapped her back to reality and she bolted from his grasp, putting the couch between them.  He merely chuckled and continued.  “The word ‘cunt’ is used as a slur because witches interact with humans and they pick up on our language.  ‘Cunt’ has become synonymous with ‘traitor’ and ‘outcast’ to any witch.  Although the humans use it in a slightly different way.  Now come and kiss me, Alyssandra, I want to finally feel your lips in the physical world.”

When he started around the couch after her, she held up a hand.  “Wait.”  She gave her traitorous body a firm talking to, this can’t be real so work with me here, and pierced him with her most skeptical stare.  “What do witches have to do with this?  You mean like Wiccans?”

He leaned forward resting his forearms on the back of the couch, causing the already tight black T-shirt to mold over the best shoulders she’d ever seen.  Shoulders she knew she’d seen before—and felt before.  She licked her lips at the sudden urge to trace each inch of his muscular shoulders with her tongue.

He continued, breaking her out of her thoughts.  “Wiccans are humans who choose to practice a set of beliefs.  Being Klatch is what you are.”  He shook his head and sighed.  “I can see the Cunts withheld from you your heritage.  This must be remedied.”  His hand snaked out to grab her arm and he pulled her to him across the back of the couch.  When he cradled her in his lap on the couch, his strong arms bracketed around her, a sexual thrill zinged straight to her pussy.  The fact that a very large bulge swelled against her hip only served to scramble her thoughts further.

He smiled, his eyes darkened dangerously.  But a dangerous she knew from ten years of dreams that meant wonderful sexual things, not anything to harm her.  Every erogenous zone in her body rejoiced, drowning her in a sea of sexual energy.

She put her fingers against his lips when he lowered his face to hers.  “Please, tell me about the Klatch.”  Anything to keep him talking until she could figure out how he evoked these feelings inside her. 

“A Klatch witch is a being who needs sexual energy to survive.  We also eat and drink, but in order to thrive, we must imbibe sexual energy.”  He kissed the fingers still resting lightly against his lips and then pulled one into his mouth.  He sucked on the tip and swirled his tongue in a familiar pattern she remembered him using on the soft underside of her clit—which throbbed in response.  She pulled her finger away, her breathing coming in short gasps. 

His voice was a low rumble when he spoke.  “Intercourse is the best and easiest, but any kind of sexual energy will do:  masturbation, voyeurism or even sexual dreams.” 

Alyssa found herself laughing despite the sexually charged atmosphere.  “You’re trying to tell me I’m some kind of sexual vampire?”

“Good God, no.”  He looked horrified at the suggestion.  “You are no succubus, Princess.  You are my betrothed and a full-blooded Princess of Klatch.” 

“Betrothed?”  She gasped, and her mouth fell open.  “As in engaged to be married?”

He nodded.  “Yes, most Klatch never marry.  They will either have half-breed children with humans or just feed from humans sexually their whole lives.  But the full blooded Klatch are betrothed at birth to another of full blood to retain the line and our heritage.”  He lowered his mouth to hers, but at the first jolting and very familiar touch of his lips, she squirmed out of his grasp and put half the room’s distance between them.

Alyssa’s mind whirled.  When he was near her, it felt like all her circuits were on overload.  She looked up into his darkened lavender eyes.  The hunk of testosterone who sat across from her thought he was her fiancé?  How lucky could she get?  Her body immediately wanted to claim its conjugal rights.  But then her overly logical mind weighed in and ruined everything.

Copyright 2007 by Cassie Ryan