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Giveaway & Contest to Celebrate the Ebook Release of Killer Shades by H. D. Thomson

I’m excited to announce that I’m having a contest and giveaway for my latest release, KILLER SHADES. There’s only a couple days left!!

Killer Shades

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Killer Shades Excerpt!

Sighing, he rubbed the back of his neck and strode toward the victim sprawled across the yellow line. Ten yards in and he recognized the vic. Air hissed into his lungs, and he nearly choked on it. Wayne. He had to be dead. No one could live through that head wound. What the hell. Alarm exploded inside his chest as he looked around at the people on the street and the vicinity. Then he saw her, and the air left his lungs in one, big whoosh. But he didn’t relax. Quite the opposite.


His chest tightened almost painfully.

Their gazes meshed across a good thirty yards that separated them. Even from this distance, he noticed the color had leached from her face and accented her lips and the dark wings of her brows. Still, she was as beautiful as ever. The mahogany mane of hair, thick and luscious, flowed around her shoulders. Her eyes, such an incredible blue, always seemed to pierce through him to that deep, dark area of his soul he never wanted anyone to delve into. But she had. She’d wanted to know everything about him, only to promptly leave him when she’d learned exactly who he was.

Enough. Forget the bitterness, forget the hurt. He only had seconds to get over being blindsided.

amazongiftcardamazongiftcardThe Giveaway – A $50 amazon gift card and swag.

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Romancing the Holidays $200 Giveaway by H. D.

I thought I’d share a great giveaway I am doing with some amazing authors! We had a Facebook party recently to celebrate our individual holiday releases, but we kept the party going with this special $200 Amazon Gift Card. Authors include Lexi Post Caris Roane Elle James Em Petrova Mary Tate Engels Brenda Trim Tami Jackson Julka Jillian Chantal Becky McGraw Melinda Curtis Jacki Delecki Vijaya Schartz Felicity Heaton HD Thomson and Bonnie Vanak. The giveaway is going on until December 18th. Just eleven days left. Just follow the link to the Rafflecopter to enter.Romancing-the-Holidays-200-Gift-Card-FB