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Goals & Motivations

I’ve set myself some pretty good goals for 2008 and some even loftier goals to be achieved by 2010.

First, an update. I lost 10 pounds in January! At this rate I am going to look amazing in my Faery outfit for RT. 2 more months, another 10 pounds a month, I’ll be right back where I wanted to be, and in better shape than I’ve been in years.

Heart of Glass, my November 2007 release made the top 10 bestseller list at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. This is the 2nd consecutive month my titles have made the top 10.

The same title received a 4 star review in Romantic Times Magazine, the review will be published in the March 2008 edition, along with my ad.


On the writing side, I’ve been slacking. Not a single word written since January 5th. I did not meet my goal of 3 submissions for January, but will strive to make it happen in Feb. I sat at the computer last night and opened my current work in progress. Not a bad story if I do say so myself. Whether a publisher thinks so is entirely another story. Hope to blog about “the call” here soon. J


Anyway, I digress. I opened the document and began to edit chapter 1, again. Now, this can be a good thing or this can be considered destructive. In this case, it’s destructive. How am I ever going to progress and write the rest of the book if I’m hung up on editing the first chapter? Answer: I’m not.


I need to back up for a moment and tell you where I found my motivation again. I spent the weekend at the Glendale Chocolate Affaire and shared a tent with 26 other romance authors in various stages of their writing careers. Everyone from self published to USA Today best sellers gathered to autograph their books and chat with people. They were the friendliest and nicest group I’ve had the pleasure of spending a solid 48 hours with. This event which happens the first weekend in February, every year, was the key. The spark to relight my writing flame.

I brought my laptop to work with me today and spent my lunch hour writing. I only managed to eke out 2 pages, but, and this is a big but (pardon the pun) they were 2 NEW pages. Maybe that 2010 goal I set isn’t so lofty after all.


What rekindles your writing flame when the fire goes out?

Kayla Janz