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My addiction

I haven’t posted in forever! Mostly because I haven’t had anything to say and live a relatively boring life. Contrary to popular belief the life of a writer is not all glamorous. Ahhhh, what a shame.

Anyway, since I’ve been a naughty girl and haven’t posted I have much to catch you all up on. First, let’s start with the kiddos. Not kids anymore, but young adults. My youngest turns 18 in a couple of months, graduates high school and has joined the Army. She ships out for basic training mid July. She’ll be gone until Feb. 2010.

My son is getting ready for his 2nd tour in Afghanistan. He leaves at the end of this month and will be gone for a year. Please send positive thoughts and wishes his way. Mom doesn’t sleep much when he’s overseas.

I received another rejection letter the other day. But it’s not all bad. Silhouette Intrigue said the manuscript I sent them wasn’t Intrigue material but she really liked my writing and to send her something else. Woo-hoo! Now, to write the blasted synopsis. Grrrrrr

I’ve been writing! Working away on a story with a kick-butt heroine who used to be a hired gun and is now a body guard. What irony, she used to kill them now she has to keep them alive. I know writers are supposed to write and you’re probably wondering why I’m so excited about this. But life has a tendancy to get in the way  and suck the creativity right out of your very soul. But, I’m back on the horse, (as Kayce would say) and my fingers have been flying over the keys. Feels great and I’m stoked about my latest venture. This project has the opportunity to be a long, long series which would be amazing.

I bet you’re all wondering about the title of this post, huh? My addiction.


I just got my 5th tat yesterday and I’ve already got the next 2 lined up. And to answer your next question, yes, they hurt. All tattoos hurt to one degree or another. Some just hurt worse than others and then there are certain spots on the body that are uber-sensitive. Get your minds out of the gutter! I’m not talking about those spots, although, I’d bet they are uber-sensitive too.

I’m talking about your side, as in rib cage, stomach, lower back and believe it or not I’ve heard the top of the foot is the worst. There was a young lady in the room next to me yesterday getting a beautiful rose on the top of her foot and she was literally shaking. My grandma used to tell me pains to be beautiful, but I don’t think that was what granny meant. 🙂

So what did I get? I added a tribal design of a sun on my right forearm to go with the tribal moon I had done about a month ago on my inner arm.

My other pieces of body art include: a sea turtle with a tiki god face on its shell, the Social Distortion dancing skeleton (he has a martini glass in 1 hand) and a tangled vine with roses.

My next 2 designs will be: A martini girl, and a skeleton bride. One will go on my shoulder and the other will go on my left inner arm.

I’d post pictures but my daughter ran off with my digi camera. 🙂 Well, that’s about it for now. I’ll try and get better about posting. The next event coming up is Romantic Times convention in Orlando, Fl. Very excited about this, the RT convention is my favorite of faves for the year. I also found out and may have posted about this but Piers Anthony is going to be there this year. He’s the very first “adult” novel I picked up and started to read. When I say “adult” I don’t mean erotic or anything like that. I mean, transitioning from the Black Stallion to more adult literature and fiction.

If you’re going to attend RT this year, look me up. We’ll have a butterscotch martini together.


Kayla Janz

Annual Glendale Chocolate Affaire

Hi All,

Yes, I’ve been a very bad blogger lately and not keeping up with my Sunday posts. I’m working on that. But I have great news and have to share.

The Butterscotch Martini girls take on Glendale, AZ next weekend 2/6-7 & 8. Yep, that’s right. The Annual Glendale Chocolate Affaire starts next Friday. I, Kayla Janz, along with Tina Gerow, who will be bringing Cassie Ryan with her, Lynne Logan, Tia Dani and I think Kayce Lassiter may even make a showing.

So if you’re going to be in the downtown Glendale, AZ next weekend stop by the booth, say hi and grab some books. Did I mention 30 authors signing throughout the weekend? Check out the link and see for yourself. I mean seriously, what goes better with chocolate than romance.

Location: 59th Ave & Glendale at Murphy Park our booth is near the Civic Center.

When: Friday, Feb 6th 5-10pm, Sat, Feb 7th 10am-10pm, Sunday, Feb 8th 12noon-5pm.


Have a great weekend. Go Cards!


Smokin’ hot Sunday


Good morning Everyone,

What is it about men in uniform, er, out of uniform? (((Sigh)))

I don’t think I need to say any more…

Enjoy your smokin’ hot Sunday.


Even Sweeter Sunday


Hello Everyone,

This is Donovan, the inspiration behind my latest short story in progress. Unlike the beautiful guy from 2 weeks ago, Donovan doesn’t do dishes.

Ummm, looking like this – he doesn’t have to!

I thought I would share and brighten your Sunday. And Brit? I’ve added tattoos & piercings for the story line.

Donovan can be seen performing with the Thunder from Down Under, male dance review at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since the other guy left I’m off to do my own dishes. 😦 Sigh…..


Kayla J

Sweet Sunday

Sunday Chores

I didn’t really have anything to blog about today. As you can see I’m busy with um…housework. Enjoy your Sunday.


How do you like ’em?

In the past a fellow BMG polled the audience to find out who was sexier, vampires or werewolves. And the wolves won, hands down.

Another BMG polled her readers to find out what kind of hero they craved on myspace and received some interesting answers. Check it out: www.myspace.com/BritBlaise

I have a thing for eye color. Can’t help it, I’ve always been a sucker for a beautiful pair of blue eyes. Probably why my dh has an incredible set and I can stare at them any time I want! 🙂

What I want to know is what eye color makes you melt? I can’t wait to hear your answers.



Big dreams. Big goals…Big wins.

Big dreams. Big goals…Big wins.


I signed up for the Heather Graham’s Writers for New Orleans conference (The Original Heather Graham)August 29-31 and am very excited about going. Some of the BMG’s went last year and raved about what a great time they had and I was a bit irritated I wasn’t able to go. This year I saw the ad and something inside told me I need to be at this conference. I pushed the thought away and went about my business.

A couple of days later I saw the ad again, and then again in yet another place. Things happen in threes.

Every time I saw the advertisement the little voice in my head kept repeating I needed to be there and grew more and more insistent. Yes, I hear voices in my head but they usually belong to characters who want their story written, not directing me where to go!

So I listened to the voice, signed up and bought a plane ticket. Now what?

I wasn’t sure what to expect and will be stepping waaaaaaayy out of my comfort zone by going alone. Alas, none of the BMG’s can make it this year but, for some unexplained reason I’m okay with this.

That insistent voice in my head has calmed down. I’ve discovered I have an editor appointment set up. Must admit I’m a little nervous and excited about this. I get as antsy as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs around editors. Which in a very round a bout way brings me to the title of this blog.


Big dreams – every author has them. It is what keeps us up at 3am when the story is flowing and you can’t stop. The fact we will have bags under our eyes and are dead exhausted the next day is irrelevant…at the time. J


Big goals – my goals have grown with my writing. As an aspiring author my first goal was to get published. Once I met that goal, my next goal was to publish another, and another. It still is. The idea of not writing doesn’t compute in my circuitry. Now the goal is New York.


Big wins – This covers a very broad spectrum. The wins have come in the forms of publishing contracts, new friends, business opportunities, travel, fantastic conventions and conferences personal growth and the satisfaction of knowing I can succeed. This may sound arrogant but I know I can and will be successful at whatever I put my mind to.


There, I’m stepping down from my soap box and leaving you with this final question.


What are you made of?



Kayla J


I’ve been a bad blogger of late and I apologize for this. Sunday is supposed to be my day for posting and I have a tendency to forget.

But today I remembered. And my topic for discussion is inspiration. Inspiration can come to a writer in many shapes, forms and ideas.

Back in April, during the Romantic Times BOOKlover’s convention in Pittsburgh I was standing in line at the bar. I casually glance around the room to see who else was about when this short older woman with dark, short hair gets in line behind me. I turn to see who the person is and then turn back around. It took about 2 full seconds for my brain to realize who she was.

Bertrice Small.

Yes, the author of the very first romance novel I ever read now stood not 12 inches away from me. OMG!

Like a star struck idiot I turned around and introduced myself. Blathering and stammering like a complete fool I manage to stop my hands from shaking enough to shake hers. She was a doll.

The woman actually blushed when I told her Skye O’Malley was the very first romance novel I read. She asked questions about my writing, where I wanted my career to go and she squeezed my hand one last time and said, “Don’t ever give up on your dream. I wish you all the success in the world, Kayla.”

I floated on cloud nine for the next 2 days of the convention. Saturday rolls around and now we have the massive booksigning with every author of the romance genre you could possibly imagine signing their books, taking pictures with fans, and just being the wonderful people they are. Bertrice Small has an entire table to herself. One of the perks of being a big name author for 20+ years, and what is she signing? Ballantine has rereleased Skye O’Malley in trade paperback. She remembered me from our bar encounter 2 nights past. How cool was that? Anyway, she signed my brand new copy and I happily went on my way.

The moral to the story and how this relates to inspiration?

Just like Ms. Small told me. Never give up on your dream.

Happy Writing Everyone,

Kayla Janz

Happy Mother’s Day

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day. Here’s to brand new moms, to old moms, and all the moms in between. I could list thousands of reasons why each and every one of us is special and unique, but I won’t. Instead I’d like to share my mother’s day weekend with you.

My daughter went camping this weekend so on Friday before she left I found a single daisy on my desk and a note. The note was covered with different ways to say ‘Mother’. Short, sweet and to the point.

My son, who chose not to go on this camping trip took me out to dinner last night. We then came home and watched movies together. Again, nothing fancy – short and sweet.

How have you…or will you be spending your mother’s day?

Take care,


Writing organizations

Well, today it’s officially my first day as the President of the Valley of the Sun Romance Writer’s chapter # 85. Long story as to how I ended up going from Vice to Prez but in a nut shell, I’m here.

First I’d like to say how proud I am to be a part of this great community. I’ve published 4 novels and 1 novella in 2 years because of help and encouragement I’ve received from this group.

I can still remember walking in to my first meeting. We met in the back room of a Denny’s and everyone was already in there when I arrived. I was immediately enveloped to the group. Women scooted chairs over to make room for me, asked me dozens of questions about what I wrote, etc. It was overwhelming for someone brand new to this whole wonderful world. But they made me feel welcome and before I knew it I’d become one of them.

We would like to extend this welcome to all of you. If you’re brand new, seasoned writer or like me and somewhere in between come to one of our monthly meetings. If you’re not in the Glendale, AZ area then find a chapter near you and check them out. I’ve made great friends, tons of connections and memories to last me a lifetime. If you’d like to check us out here’s the information to attend:

Valley of the Sun Romance Writers of America
Location: Great Wall Buffet 5905 W Bell Road The meetings are held on
the 2nd Tuesday’s of every month.
5:30 dinner and networking
6:30 Business meeting
7:30 Guest Speaker
See our website for guest speaker information –

That’s all folks!

Kayla Janz