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Writing through the blocks

“I’ve got writer’s block.” or “I can’t find my muse.” Excuses, each and every one of them. I could give you a thousand more but, you get the point.

At this moment in time I find myself stuck in my current work in progress. It’s not writer’s block, my muse is right where she needs to be, I’m obvoiusly on the computer, so time isn’t the problem. It’s me. Yep, plain and simple. I wrote myself into a corner. Not an easy dilemma to get out of. “Hmmm, maybe I should’ve taken a left in Albequerque.”

The biggest question I have is where did the story veer off course? Edits are one thing but rewrites are horrid. Anyone who’s ever done them knows exactly what I mean. When I find myself in this situation I work on another project. Writers are never out of ideas so reach into the hat and pick one. Work on it until the knot unravels itself and you can see where you zigged instead of zagged.

My current project is a romantic comedy. The one I wrote myself into a corner on. I think it’s time to open up the murder thriller I’ve had tucked away for awhile. Maybe killing off a character will brighten my day.

How do you work through the bumps in the road?

Kayla Janz