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Hectic Friday Schedules, Writing & Matthew MacFadyen

You can probably tell I’m feeling a bit scattered today just from the title of my blog post…lol.  No worries, I won’t take offense if you label it like that, mainly because it’s true.

Today is Friday, and not only that, it’s a Friday during high school football season.  Added to that, I’m a supportive high school band parent of a kiddo who doesn’t yet drive.  So, what does that really mean?  Well, that means I had to drag my butt out of a nice toasty warm bed at six am to make sure previously mentioned kidlet made it to the Friday football pep rally on time.  For later tonight, that will mean a football game so I can see him march 🙂  That part I love.  I remember all my own years in marching band–Freshman in high school through Senior in college at Arizona State and happy memories flood back.  So, when I see him making his own and enjoying it just as much as I did, it makes all the six am wakeup calls very worth it.

On a bright note, I usually tell myself I’m going to get up extra early so I can get settled at my favorite Starbucks while there are still available squishy chairs to camp out on and an outlet plug free.  Once I actually get “butt in chair” the writing flows and takes on a life of its own.  It’s the getting out of bed and getting to Starbucks to actually put the “butt in chair” that takes effort most days.  Only because I’m one of those odd people (lol) who likes my sleep.  But since I’m was up at the butt-crack of dawn this morning, here I am in my favorite squishy Starbucks chair plugged in with my Hot Venti, 7 pump, non fat with whip Chai Tea Latte sitting next to me.  And I’m actually getting my weekly BMG  blog post done before the day is halfway over  🙂

Now the last part of my title was “Matthew MacFadyen.”  Now, besides the fact that I’m a huge MM fan, and if I wasn’t married would gladly do sexual things illegal in forty-seven countries with the man, but just hearing the name brings a smile to my face and a spring to my step 🙂  And I found another fellow blogger who seems to love him just as much.  So, if you’d like a double dose of the very yummy Matthew MacFadyen, you can head over to the Sapphire Blue Bombshells blog and check out Lisa Pietsch’s October 24th blog.

And just so you can have a nice big sigh for the day, here’s a Matthew pic to drool over…