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Why We Love Our Alpha Males

Why We Love Our Alpha Males

I love Alpha males. Just what is it about the Alpha male that makes my knees weak and my heart pound?

I’m talking about the man who exudes confidence, the man who is in control of himself and his environment. The power in his stride, his smooth, fluid movements, the set of his jaw.

But also the man who would do anything for the people he loves and would put his life on the line to protect those within his realm or his occupation.

Yes, he’s in control…but the woman he falls for is the one person who can drive him to his knees. The Alpha male isn’t complete, nor entirely happy, until the woman who completes him comes into his life. Then that man will do everything in his power to get her, protect her and keep her.

Trust is very important to an Alpha. He trusts his woman with everything that he is and she trusts him to take care of her, to protect her and to nurture that relationship.

From the time I started writing romance, I’ve heard varying opinions on what an Alpha male is to the reader or the author.

1_aragorn1024I’ll tell you who I think is the epitome of an Alpha male, a man who always makes me absolutely melt: Aragorn from the movie version of Lord of the Rings. (Do I ever lust after that man!)

What makes him an Alpha? He’s a leader among men, a man with valor and honor, a man who would die to defend his people, to protect the ones he loves.

He wields one hell of a mean sword. He’s fierce in battle, will stand up and fight for what he believes is right. But he’s also gentle with women and children, treating them with respect and caring. He has a sense of humor and enjoys a good laugh.

As a lover of romance, I can’t help but melt at how Aragorn would sacrifice his heart and soul for his woman. Even though he loved her, he was willing to sacrifice that love to send Arwen to the Undying Lands so that she would remain an immortal. But she was determined to hold onto their love and stay, and he kept her pendant and her love close to his heart.

And did you see the way Aragorn kissed Arwen at the end of Return of the King? Oh. My. God. What power and possession, letting her know she was his in that one incredible kiss.


Sigh. What woman wouldn’t want to be kissed like that?

An Alpha male can be the elvin hero in a fantasy, the leader of a werewolf pack, a powerful vampire, a futuristic knight, a law enforcement agent, or the owner of a multi-million dollar corporation. He can be from any walk of life, fact, fiction or fantasy.

When I asked the members of my chat group what attracted them to Alpha males, they had varying opinions, but basically the same theme. As women we are in charge of so many things in our lives. We’re nurturers, caretakers, business women, homemakers, and more. Part of the appeal in an Alpha male is turning over some of the control in our lives, letting ourselves feel loved and protected.

Jennifer summed it up well when she said, “I think I am drawn to Alpha males because….I get so tired of being in charge of everything. Taking care of the kids, the house, being the anchor for everyone in my family…my DH, parents, siblings, friends, etc. I dream about a strong Alpha who wants to take care of me, someone who puts me first. I find that in life I usually have no time for myself and that no one else seems to take the time to pamper me. This is why I love the Alpha males so much; they want to care and protect their mates, to see that they are happy and that their needs are met.”

Sherry’s sentiments were much the same. “Their ability to protect and cherish, while being able to appreciate the strengths of their mates. The idea that you don’t have to be in charge, that you have someone to lean on, who is willing and able to carry or share the burdens of life. Last but not least Alphas are good at making their women feel loved and special.”

Many women also love that bad boy image. As Sheila said, “It’s that take charge attitude. The image of strength and power they seem to throw off in waves. Most of your bad boys have that Alpha thing going on, and every woman I know has had something for a bad boy in her life. Those Alphas have a magnetism about them that just pulls you in and won’t let go, and in truth you don’t want them to.”

What are the drawbacks of an Alpha? Well, quite often he’s arrogant and overprotective. Usually he has to learn to understand the needs of his woman, her strengths, her personality, and the fact that she’s not about to sit down and let him take complete charge. She may enjoy his protectiveness, but she’s no doormat. The Alpha hero also needs to learn compromise and that he’s not the only one in control. In my books, many times it’s the heroine’s strengths that save them from danger, or they work together to battle whatever force they’re up against.

When it comes down to it, there are all types of Alpha males, but the men many of us love are the ones with all of the above characteristics. Strength, power, respect, honor, and love. The ability to show us we’re first, make us feel special, and love us first and always. Alpha may be another way of saying “ideal man”—all man, but with the sensitivity women crave.

And now, I think I’ll go watch Lord of the Rings again… 




Angels of Darkness Coming January 12, 2016


New Release from Tia Dani

51JGL5PwhxL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_New from Tia Dani:

Call Down the Darkness

A vicious curse stalks the pristine Scarlet Canyon Ranch. Veterinarian Robyn Truesdale arrives for a business trip and triggers a battle of metaphysical beliefs with reality.

Architect Taylor Martin refuses to believe the Apache legend of a recurring 40-year cycle of life and death originated by a shape shifter’s promise…until he is possessed by a mysterious spirit determined to kill an ancient enemy.

After being forced to relive several past lives, Robyn and Taylor understand the need to overpower their relentless killer—one who can never die. Will they have the courage to face their supernatural assassin to free the Apache lovers…or will it cost them their own lives?

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Tia Dani is the writing team made up of good friends, Christine Eaton Jones and Beverly Petrone. Together they create endearing and realistic characters, humorous dialogue, and unusual settings.

Storytelling has been a passion for Christine since childhood when she regularly enthralled the neighborhood children with make-believe fairy tales and wild adventures.

Always a lover of a good romance, Beverly’s goal is for you to step into the shoes of her heroine, fall head-over-heels in love with her hero, and most of all believe in the magic of love.

Christine and Beverly happily call Arizona home where they play in the sunshine and dance in the twilight of the beautiful Sonoran desert.

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The Hinkiest Fairy Godmother in the Universe Rides Again!

The Hinkiest Fairy Godmother in the Universe Rides Again!

Delta Jane is back and Loons of a Feather is now a reality.  Yep, I made it…got it loaded, proofed, and released on time.  Was there really any doubt I would get there in time, you ask?  Well hell yes…it’s me, people!  Did you forget who you were talking to?  I’m the master procrastinator and there was much panic, many late nights, lots of bleary-eyed cursing sessions, and twisted belly pains.  But my new novel, Loons of a Feather, is finally available on Amazon.   Yeah…happy dancing across the pasture again.

Ya-Hoo!    (Throws cowgirl hat in the air!)

The official release date is tomorrow—February 1—but if you go to Amazon right this very minute, it’s up and available for order.  So pass the word!

Loons of a Feather_Small_200x323x300dpi

Tell your mother, your sister, your neighbor, your cousin, your niece, your grocery store clerk, your therapist, your gynecologist…tell ‘em all!!!  Wait…maybe not your therapist…Delta might not help your cause any.  🙂  And don’t forget to tell the guys too.  I was amazed at how many men bought a copy of Katie’s Rock and Midnight on the Double-B at my book signing last weekend…some as Valentine’s gifts for their sweetie and some as Valentine’s gifts for themselves.  So contrary to popular opinion, men DO buy romance…at least, the smart ones do.  🙂

Click Here To Buy Now

Don’t forget to tell me if you like the cover or not…I designed and created it myself and I’m not above begging shamelessly for compliments.  LOL

And if you click on the link at the top, it will take you straight to the book on Amazon where you can order it either in print or e-book format.  Yeah again!

Now…if you are local and looking for a print copy, I’d much rather you come see me next weekend at the Chocolate Affaire where I will also have Katie’s Rock and Midnight on the Double-B.  (Hint:  You can get the book cheaper there at conference pricing and without the shipping charges.  Who doesn’t love cheaper?!)

Midnight Cover_Small_206x320x300dpiIn case you haven’t yet read Midnight on the Double-B, follow this link to Amazon where the ebook version will be FREE…yes, FREE…for 3 days.  Pick up your e-book, read it next week, and if you love Delta, zoom back to Amazon for your copy of Loons of a Feather…or trot over to the Chocolate Affaire next weekend to get a signed copy from yours truly.  Remember, Midnight on the Double-B is a short story and a fast, easy read—and it’s the precursor to Loons of a Feather, which is Book One in the Delta Jane series.  So for those of you who wanted more of Delta…here she is.  I hope you enjoy her!!!

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zzz playfile mergedOh, one more thing—leave a comment here by midnight Saturday (2/1) for a chance to win a free copy of Loons of a Feather in ebook format.  So leave a comment and I will contact you when the winner has been drawn.  What could be better?  A cranky, hinky fairy godmother…and FREE.  Yeah, baby!

That’s my story, wahoo and wazoo, and I’m stickin’ to it.  Hang on tight now ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

Love ya,


Loons of a Feather is on its way!

Hi…it’s me, Kayce.  I know…….long time no talk here on the Butterscotch Martini Girls site, but we’ve got the band back together and we’re rolling into the new year with big plans.  So welcome…it’s good to be back!

And…in case you haven’t heard, I have a new release coming out February 1st.  Yeah!!!  The title is Loons of a Feather and it features my kick-ass fairy godmother Delta Jane.  She rides a Harley and she has a pair of lips tattoo’d on her ass–and she’s not afraid to use ’em.  She makes love matches and cleans up after her baby brother, Bubba Ray.  So if you enjoyed Midnight on the Double-B, ride along with Delta and Bubba Ray on their new adventure.  And here is a sample of what the cover will look like…


So…do you love it?  I do!!!  And just to toot my own horn, I built it myself…so if you hate it, don’t tell me.  There are times when remaining in the dark ain’t so bad.  LOL  On the other hand, if you L-O-V-E it, tell me, tell your mother, tell all your friends…and be sure to tell them they will be able to find it on Amazon.com when it’s released on February 1st. 

Now that we have that settled, here’s another excerpt for ya…hope you enjoy it.  And if you do and you’re local, be sure you plan to stop by the Romance Writers’ booth at the Glendale Chocolate Affaire on Friday evening (2/7) or Saturday/Sunday morning (2/8-2/9) and say “Hi” and pick up your signed copy…and be sure you bring enough cash for chocolate whatever you want.  The selection is decadent, to say the least.

That’s my story, fun and fantastical, and I’m stickin’ to it.  Hang on tight now ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

 Love ya,  Kayce

 Loons of a Feather  (excerpt…)

Across the street, in the shadows of a recessed storefront, Delta stood with Bubba Ray and Mac at her side.  She’d watched Shannon and Jackson leave the restaurant and round the corner earlier.  Now she waited for Michael to leave as she worked on another plan. 

With a grunt of frustration, she spoke to her brother.  “Bubba Ray, these people are gonna be the death of me.  Why the hell can’t they just roll with the program and realize they can’t make up their own rules?  Destiny has its own plan and so do I.  But they keep screwing everything up.  Just when I get the right two together, another one comes along and horns in.  I’d hate to have to put one of them in the hospital, but it’s damn tempting.”

Bubba Ray stared at her, horror written all over his cherubic face while Mac whined and bumped her leg with his wet nose.

“Yeah, I know, Mac.  It was just a thought.  Guess that’s why they have me.  But I’d much rather be sitting somewhere having a cold beer than standing here in the dark thinking up ways to throw these two together.  Hell, I’ve spent the last two days running ridiculous errands for that tight-wad Fairy just to smooth his feathers out over the fifty thou I requisitioned to cover the damages.  Now I’ve got a cop to get rid of too.  Could these people be any more of a pain-in-the-ass?  And let’s don’t forget about the old bitch that’s rattling her sword over the stupid smoking cat.  I still don’t have a clue how I’m gonna make her go away.  Fairy boy says I can’t kill her off.  Hell, that’d not only fix this case, but it’d make me feel a damn sight better.  She’s really getting on my nerves.”

There was silence as Delta tilted her head and listened to a voice only she could hear.  A moment later, she looked straight up into the dark night sky and snapped, “Oh, shut up!  I’m working myself to the bone down here and I don’t need your smart remarks.  I know performance review time is coming up.  It’ll all be resolved by then.  Just you don’t worry about it.  How’d you get your batteries recharged so fast, anyway?  Don’t you need some bed rest or something?”

A moment later, she froze as her breath hitched in her chest.  The boss had never spoken out loud to her, always just a disembodied voice in her mind, so the soft, deep baritone voice that spoke out loud took her by surprise.  She looked right to see if Bubba Ray had heard it too.  His wide eyes told her he had.  Now, this was downright embarrassing.

“Holy shit, Fairy boy, you did not just proposition me!” 

He had.  The boss had never made any kind of off-color or suggestive remark to her, had never given her any indication he might be interested in her, although it wasn’t uncommon among the fairy god folk.  Working with love matches all day long could be rather…stimulating.  But inviting her to join him in his bed and “recharge his batteries” had proposition written all over it.  Unfortunately, it also had strategic parts of her body at full attention and nodding furious agreement.  It had been a long time.

What the…

Apparently, seven decades was too long for a fairy godmother to go without sex.  She’d have to find a way to remedy that, but not with the boss.

Delta’s brain was scrambled as she searched for some other explanation or some way out.  Bubba Ray was blushing furiously and staring at his feet, refusing to make eye contact.  Hell, even Mac wouldn’t look her in the eye.  What the hell was happening here?  Where’d that come from?  She was absolutely right about what the boss hinted at and she had to find a way to change the subject…fast.  This was downright embarrassing.

Then a thought occurred to her. 

Time to pick a fight. 

With a huff, she stabbed her fists on her hips and scowled skyward.  “Fairy boy, I wouldn’t recharge your batteries if you were the last stinking fairy in the universe.  You meddled with my case.  You threw Jackson in the middle of all this out of the clear blue without a single mention of him in the case recommendations.  You did it because you didn’t know what the hell you were doing and now you’re trying to distract me.  Well, it’s not gonna work.  I’m onto you.”

Again the soft baritone slid over her with the whisper of a soft sheet. 

“Of course I did it, but I knew exactly what I was doing.  You needed a challenge.”

“What?  Challenge?  Delta doubled up her fist and shook it at the sky as her heart fluttered in her chest.  “Why, you double-dealing, sneaky, soot-feathered…”

“You’ve been getting too comfortable in your current role.  It’s time you moved up to the next level and to do it, you need tougher assignments.  The big guy thinks you need more challenge, so I gave you some stretch goals.  Think of it as an…opportunity.”

“You’re damn straight I’ve been comfortable in my current role.  I’ve got it figured out now and I can work it in my sleep.  I don’t want to move up to the next level.  I don’t need any more headaches and I don’t want any more challenges.  I like it right where I am.  Don’t you go screwing up a good thing…and I can tell you where you can put your stretch goals and your opportunity if you need directions.”

The disembodied baritone voice chuckled.  “Well, they don’t call you Bitch Number Two for nothing, that’s for sure.  I always know I can count on you to liven up a boring day.”

Bitch Number Two?

Delta was stunned.  She’d always had top billing.  Who was poaching in her territory?  “What the hell are you talking about, you big flop-footed faggit?  Bitch Number Two?  Oh hell no!  I’m Queen Bitch and you damn well know it.”

“Not any more, you’re not.  After the stunt Bitzy pulled down in Florida, you’ve been bumped.  You’ve got to admit, an alligator in the punch bowl to break up the wrong wedding was a stroke of twisted genius.”

“Stroke of genius?  Are you kidding me?  She put two people in the hospital and almost blew her cover with that little stroke of twisted genius.  Shit!  You corporate types are all alike.  Doesn’t matter how many bodies you leave in your wake, as long as the case comes in on time and within budget.”

“Oh, not that tired old song and dance again,” quipped the fairy godfather.  “Give it a rest, Delta.  You’ll understand once you’ve moved to the next level.  Just hang in there, hag, and you’ll get up to speed yet.”

Delta’s temper blazed red-hot.  “Hag?  Who you callin’ Hag, you puffed up pile of horse-feathers!  And for your information, I am not moving up.  I like it here and you can’t make me do it.  So stick that in your pipe and smoke it!  Don’t you have some real work to do—like knitting a sweater for that ugly-ass bald cat of yours?”

Mac barked his agreement.

A split second later, there was a peal of thunder and lightning shot across the clear night sky.

Delta rolled her eyes and cackled as she shouted.  “Yeah, you talk tough for a guy in tights and wings.”  With a glance at Mac, she added, “Whose idea was it anyway to assign a Fairy in tights to the redneck task force?  The big guy must’ve been having a slow day.” 

Mac whined his agreement just as a louder, larger bolt of lightning shot across the sky and struck her Harley parked next to the building changing it into a moped.

Delta stared at the moped for a moment and then cursed under her breath, “Ass!”  With a wave of her fingers, the moped was restored to the Harley she rode in on.

Another bolt of lightning, the moped was back and the back tire was flat.

“Shit!”  Delta glared at the moped.  “I hate working with fairy godfathers.  They’re so damn temperamental.  You’d think after three hundred years, they’d have gotten past all the sensitivity crap.”