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Butterscotch Martinis

 butterscotch-martinis-at-rt.JPGCheyenne McCray, Kayce Lassiter & Brit Blaise enjoying their maritinis in Houston at the Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention.

Ceremony of Seduction

Hi everyone!  This is my first post as Cassie Ryan.

I received my first review for Ceremony of Seduction, so thought this would be a good time to try on my other persona for size. 

Joyfully Reviewed emailed me the link to this review last night.  Here’s the last paragraph:

From the first erotic word to the last sensual line, Ceremony of Seduction weaves a spell around its reader and doesn’t let go. I loved the world that Ms. Ryan created. The people of Tador are highly sensual and very loving. Readers can’t help but fall in love with them all, and the way Ms. Ryan portrays them.

That’s definitely some nice verbiage to see.  Since this is my first time writing at the erotic heat level, I was waiting to see how it would be received.  So, this is good news 🙂 

Here’s the cover – quite steamy also…

Hi rez CofS

(I tried to make it bigger, but Brit is going to have to give me lessons, because it’s not cooperating.

Happy Friday!