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Barbara Vey’s Publisher’s Weekly Anniversary Party

Barbara Vey is a very sweet lady who writes a blog for Publisher’s Weekly. It began as a blog about “women’s fiction,” but when she delved in and realized that depending on who you ask, the definition of women’s fiction is about as wide as the Grand Canyon, the blog really became about authors, the books she loves and the publishing industry.

She sent out an invitation yesterday to her one year blog anniversary party, which spread through the author community like wildfire. Over 75 of us so far have volunteered items to give away to commenters (aka party participants). So, when you get a chance, stop by, leave a comment and help us celebrate Barbara’s one year of blogging, and not only will you have a chance to win a copy of Ceremony of Seduction, but tons of other great stuff! 🙂 Click here to visit the site.

I’ll be the one standing by the martini bar!