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Take It Off by Tina Gerow @TinaGerow

take it off, tina gerowTake It Off

When Samantha Ryan receives a call from her mother asking her to come home and run the family business–a real live Nevada brothel–she’s not thrilled about it, but she agrees. Realizing that her final night out with her friends will be the last for a while, Samantha takes the opportunity presented to her in the form of Chase Hanson.

Chase had his eye on the beautiful brunette all night and when she asks to go home with him, he takes her home and experiences the most mind-blowing sex of his life. The next day, they part, with Samantha saying she’ll be out of town assisting her mother for a while, but that she’ll call. He feels as if they really made a connection and desperately hopes that she’ll call. Meanwhile, he’s still forced to fulfill a prior obligation and heads out of town to a brothel to celebrate his buddy’s bachelor party.

When they find each other at the brothel, conclusions abound. Can these two work out their differences?

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“First let me say, thank you, Ms. Gerow for the scorching hot cover! I fear that I’ve become a Tina Gerow junkie and Take It Off is a perfect example as to why. The chemistry between Samantha and Chase is HOT and ignites the pages. Rarely have I read love scenes that are hotter so you might want to have a bucket of ice and a dry pair of panties nearby when you read this sexy story. Not only is Take It Off hot, it’s sweet and funny. Tina Gerow’s creativity will have you laughing out loud and turning each page just to see what she’s come up with next! My only regret was that this story wasn’t longer!”
– Kerin, Two-Lips Reviews (Five Lips)

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