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Who’s on “The List”?

Today is my day to blog on the Aphrodisia Author’s Blog.  So, what exciting topic did I pick?

I’m blogging about “The List”

No, I don’t mean a list of places you can procure discount coupons to Michaels or JC Penney’s.

If you’ve been in a relationship, you might have heard of “The List.”  It’s a list of either celebrities or characters who if they showed up out of the blue and offered you a smoking-hot night of steamy illegal-in-forty-seven-countries sex, that you’d have a free pass from your spouse or significant other to go for it.  Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about and others of you think I’m insane.  But seriously—I know tons of people who have “The List” in place at this very moment.  Still don’t believe me?  Ask around—you’ll be surprised.

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