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Vortex Blues by Tina Gerow @TinaGerow

vortex blues, tina gerowVortex Blues

After punching his last boss in the mouth, Detective Mitch Guthrie is transferred to what he considers the worst position available for a cop—the SPOOK Squad (Special Paranormal Operations & Otherworldly Contact.) As a human with special gifts that allow him to sense non humans things get interesting when he’s assigned a partner who is a succubus, and his first case involves a succubus serial killer. Between the Sedona, Arizona vortexes, his captain—the actual Cleopatra, a gargoyle bartender named Rocky, and a fear demon who gives off a urine smell, Mitch isn’t so sure he’ll survive the week with all his body parts still in tact.

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Tina Gerow’s new book, VORTEX BLUES, brings to life two riveting characters…readers can’t help but cheer them on! Like boiling water, it soon heats up and leaves no prisoners. What I enjoyed most was the build up of these two flawed characters who discover more and more about each other and the trust that slowly develops between Mitch and Molly. In closing, Tina Gerow, I have only three words for you. I want more! – 4 Stars, Estefanie L, Night Time Romance Reviews

Filled with supernatural creatures galore, Vortex Blues was a fast paced paranormal mystery. There were plenty of suspenseful and humorous moments to keep the plot rolling along. The mystery was well written and I enjoyed the byplay between the other characters. The paranormal world built by Ms. Gerow was well thought out and planned and seems like an intriguing place to visit.- 4 Angels, Haley, Fallen Angel Reviews

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Dick’s New Job: Working with Cleopatra, a Demon & a Gargoyle

 Vortex Blues by Tina Gerow


The skin on Mitch’s hand grew clammy at the thought of touching the demon, so he
didn’t offer to shake. “I’ll pass on the handshake before the skin crawls off my hand and walks across the room on its own.”
At Cleo’s chuckle, he faced her, keeping the demon in his peripheral vision.

“Good choice, Guthrie. Fear demons feed on fear, which they generate in others. When physical touch is freely given, they can intensify the effect, even from a distance. It’s sort of like inviting a vampire over the threshold, although you can’t undo a touch freely given. You’d have to kill
him to negate it.”
A small squeak escaped from Squid as he shimmered and disappeared, although Mitch sensed the demon hadn’t moved. He made a mental note to read up on fear demons when he got home, wherever home was going to be in this town.

“Thanks for the tip. I’m assuming you’re my new Captain.” Mitch slipped the Glock back in the holster at his waist, then held out his hand in greeting before his brain caught up with the practiced gesture, and he hesitated.  Cleo wasn’t exactly human, but he wasn’t quite sure what she was.  Did physical contact with her give her some supernatural power over him as well? It would’ve been nice if his asshole ex-boss would’ve sent him for some training before he dropped
him into this dead end assignment.

Cleo’s full red lips curved, and amusement danced in her bright blue eyes. “Don’t worry, Officer Guthrie. I’m a succubus, not a fear demon. We feed off sexual energy and fluids, nothing about your hand says ‘dinner and dessert’ to me. Besides, it’s not department policy for me to feed off the officers who report to me. If you return the favor and do your job, we’ll be fine.”

She held out her hand, and when his internal alarms remained silent, he shook.

Her grip
was firm and dry. Power vibrated up his arm from the contact, almost as if she couldn’t help it—that it was just part of her. Just another reminder that he’d entered the Twilight Zone.

“I’m sorry, Cleo, is it? I haven’t had any fucking training for this type of duty, and I’m not so sure I’m comfortable being dropped into supernatural central. But if you’ll point me toward my new sergeant or lieutenant, I’ll go start pissing them off and stop wasting your time.”

He met her penetrating gaze and tried not to show his frustration when her smirk of amusement continued undaunted.

Not bothering to answer, she released her grip and motioned for him to follow. Cleo turned a pointed glare toward the wall where Mitch suspected Squid still stood, before she turned and headed down the long hallway.

He shrugged and followed in her wake, the sharp click of her red stilettos echoed around them.  Her matching suit seemed painted on and lovingly caressed every generous curve and dip. Her mid-thigh length skirt highlighted legs so long he thought it would take hours to explore their sleek length. In fact, she reminded him of a high-class escort he’d arrested several years back—unconsciously sensuous and not afraid to show it. Her outfit was anything but

Her hips swayed enticingly, and each step brought his attention down to the most perfect female ass he’d ever seen.

Mitch waited for the inevitable quick flash of fantasy where he peeled away the layers until he could caress and possess her, but it never came. His brow furrowed as he realized that normally a woman this heart-stoppingly beautiful would cause some type of reaction from him.

However, no spark of attraction sizzled between them—almost as if he looked at her like he would a sibling.

What the hell is wrong with you, Guthrie? She’s a fucking goddess!

From the little he’d heard about succubi, he’d expected something much different—maybe an unquenchable lust or a sudden erection that could break through concrete. He squared his shoulders and reminded himself he was probably better off without that added complication.

He’d made enough of a mess of his life without adding a woman into the mix—they always spelled trouble, and they always wanted to change a man.

When she reached the office at the end of the hall, she stepped inside without looking back and slid into her office chair with the languid movements of a feline predator.

“Please, sit, Officer Guthrie.” Cleo gestured across the top of her desk at one of the empty worn office chairs facing her. She tapped a perfectly manicured nail against the arm of her leather office chair while she waited for him to comply.

Mitch wasn’t sure what to say, although her open blue gaze seemed to penetrate him completely, and he resisted the urge to squirm.

“Yes, I’m the Captain here. The name is Cleo, short for Cleopatra.”

When Mitch’s brows rose she held up her hand, palm out. He knew supernatural
creatures were long-lived, but her revelation caught him off guard.

“Yes, I’m that Cleopatra. We succubi live a long time. However, to everyone here, I’m Captain Cleo—no last name.” She pointed at him, the tip of her long red fingernail reminding him of fresh blood. “No Nile jokes or I’ll put you on your ass, got it?”

Her suddenly angry gaze pinned him in place better than the nuns at Catholic school, and he resisted the urge to hide his knuckles before they got smacked with a ruler.

Again—he waited in vain for the teacher/school boy fantasy involving the whip and Cleo wearing a very short school uniform.

He’d been a normal healthy male this morning. What the hell happened to him?

“Are you listening, Guthrie?” Her voice burned across the desk like a laser.

He smoothed his furrowed brow and met her piercing blue gaze. “Yes. You’re still a
little defensive about your stint as Queen of the Nile. Got it.”


Top 5 Weirdest Things I’ve made a Character do in a Book

Tina thinking up snarky things to do to her characters...

Tina thinking up snarky things to do to her characters…

Especially writing paranormal romance I’ve tortured my characters in some pretty interesting and snarky ways.  So revisiting the Top 5 is kind of fun.  Be warned that this list includes both Tina books (sensual paranormal romance) and Cassie Ryan books (erotic paranormal romance) and both series have a lot of irreverent snark!

So here we go………in countdown David Letterman style!!

6.  In Fantasy Quest,Astiria, designs her perfect man in an online game and then gets sucked into the game.  The game, similar to Everquest II, which my family and I avidly played at the time, was a great backdrop for a fun, romantic romp.  She goes on a quest to achieve full citizenship of that world so she can choose her mate, after an unfortunate even with the Goblin King.  When one of his minions attacked her and tried to take her captive, she clamped down on his tender bits and twisted to get away…thus by the laws of Verrath, she is promised to the Goblin King…ack!  So the quest is important for her to be able to claim the hero she designed and has fallen for.  At the end she gets to choose a bonus for completing her quest and gaining citizenship….and decides to keep the “Stripper boobs” she chose when she built her own character.  If only we could all design our attributes!  I’d be willing to fight a few goblins for the ability to do that!!

5.  In Into a Dangerous Mind, my heroine, Cassidy, suddenly received psychic powers because of an attack by a psychic serial killer and then accidentally projects her elicit dreams out to my hero, her best friend and another FBI agent.  In other words, she ends up giving my hero a phantom blow job and giving the entire house a “happy ending”.  How could I pass up the opportunity for her to use her brand new powers in such a fun manner?

4.  In Take It Off, my heroine, Samantha, had to go and run a real life Nevada brothel—the family business–while her mother is unable to.  Unfortunately, the one night stand she had an amazing connection with shows up for a bachelor party and assumptions are made on both sides.  My poor hero ends up tied hand and foot to a bed upstairs in a “teach him his lesson” type joke.  It was really fun playing with that scenario 🙂

3.  In Vortex Blues, I made my hero, Mitch Guthrie, work a case to find a succubus serial killer who was leaving a train of only dismembered penises…no, I’m not a man hater.  In my world succubus drain power from their victims though sexual contact and after the men can no longer “provide ejaculate” to fuel the succubus’ energy consumption, their body starts to break down and dissolve muscles, tissue etc.  However, to ensure her continued sustenance, the succubus’ body produces a substance that keeps the male organ from dissolving with the rest of him.  Thus, the trail of pristine man parts left over after the “kill”   Snerk…

2.  In Ceremony of Seduction, Princess Alyssandra went through an “altar ceremony” with at least 30 other people.  Talk about a busy sex scene!!  It’s a fan favorite, however, and I’m often asked if I plotted that out with little dolls or stick figures to keep it straight where everyone was at any given time…snicker 🙂  In truth, I did not.  However, my wonderful Kensington copyeditor at the time said she did just to check facts while she was copyediting…tee hee!

1.  In Fire Maiden, Kefira was pinned to the side of a cow by a whole slew of arrows launched at her by the villains.  She turned to stone to heal (she’s a gargoyle) and the poor cow was running with her pinned to his side.

On a funny note, I had one reviewer on Amazon who had a huge issue with the physics of that whole scene.  In fact I think that review is still on Amazon 🙂  She was apparently fine with the idea of a 900 year old gargoyle warrior for God who can turn to stone to heal, but took offense at my grasp of physics and what’s possible and not.  That review is one of my favorites because it always makes me laugh 🙂

Wow, looking at my list, quite a few of these are sexual….and very snarky…I suppose I do have that kind of a sense of humor!

I’m sure there are others I could add to the list and I look forward to seeing all of you remind me of them in the comments section!  If you leave me one you might win a copy of my newest release Sleeping With Shadows!!


Trio of Seduction & Vortex Blues

Hi everyone!

As a quick follow up to my post from last Friday – So, the winner of either a copy of Vortex Blues or Take It Off is…drumroll…..Little Lamb Lost. Email me at info at tinagerow dot com and let me know which book and if you’d like PDF, HTML or PRC format 🙂
Anyway, back to today’s post.

I just heard from Kensington that they have renamed Triangle of Seduction, the third book in my Seduction Series, to Trio of Seduction.

I’ve only seen a black and white cover that didn’t copy well, so I’m not posting it here, but here’s a link to the Kensington cataloge – do a search on “Cassie Ryan” and it will take you right there. – http://www.kensingtonbooks.com/supportdata/KensingtonMay-Aug092.pdf

It’s due to release July 29, 2009.

That’s about all my excitement for the day, so I thought I’d post an excerpt from Vortex Blues to give you a taste 🙂



Molly closed and locked her apartment door and then took the spiral staircase down to the main floor of the Vortex Bar & Grill. A long hot bath had almost succeeded in easing her tight muscles from her meeting with Cleo—almost. If news of a succubus serial killer got out into the mainstream media, all supernaturals could lose the rights Congress had given them. No matter that most people ignored them, at least they were recognized legally. Molly remembered only too well her shock when she’d been cursed into becoming a succubus, and how if felt to be treated with less rights and respect than even an animal.
As she rounded the corner past the kitchen and storeroom, the deep gravelly voice of her bartender, Rocky, vibrated the floorboards beneath her feet, and she quickened her pace. Gargoyles’ voices tended to be on such a low vibration that they often resonated with natural materials causing them to vibrate, making Molly feel as if she were walking through an impending earthquake.
The vibrations increased until she stumbled and had to catch her balance against a nearby wall.
Shit! Please don’t let him have eaten another tourist! She wasn’t sure if her silent prayer would be answered, but she didn’t want another scene like last month. She still owed Cleo for helping her with that one.
She pushed through the swinging door and stopped short. Rocky, her seven-foot hulk of a bartender who never smiled and almost didn’t fit behind the bar stood polishing glasses and…laughing. At least she thought it was a laugh. She never even knew gargoyles knew how—especially this one.
Sitting across the bar from Rocky was the most amazing example of the male form she’d seen in well over a hundred years. Wavy hair the color of decadent dark chocolate drooped over one brow and hung over his collar, making her fingers itch to delve into the silky mass. Broad shoulders that almost equaled the hulking gargoyle’s nicely filled out a simple white button down shirt, open at the collar to show a white t-shirt and just the barest hint of dark chest hair.
She allowed her gaze to skim down to the trim waist, where a simple gun holster hung from his belt next to his badge, and lower to the blue jeans and cowboy boots that accentuated muscular thighs. She wished he would stand so she could check out his ass. Just then he turned to face her and Molly’s breath caught inside her throat and every other thought scattered as if she’d just stepped through one of the Sedona vortexes her bar was named for.
Green eyes, the color of the sea on a calm day, pinned her in place, giving her the impression he knew her every secret. Almost peripherally, she noticed the chiseled jaw, the straight nose and the sculpted lips that would make any woman think instantly of sweaty nights in his arms. He blinked, breaking the spell, and she finally noticed the confusion swimming in the cool depths of his eyes.
I wonder where that came from?
“Molly, this here is Detective Mitch Guthrie—your new partner. You should hear about his run in with Squid and Cleo.” The floorboards beneath her feet rumbled ominously as Rocky nearly doubled over with laughter.
Mitch’s dark brow furrowed as he shot an annoyed glare toward Rocky. “Cleo needs to mind her own business.”
Ignoring him, Rocky’s rumbling calmed to a tolerable level. “I just got off the phone with Cleo before man-meat here showed up. He’s got brass ones from what Cleo said. I think I like him. But I’d bet on you, my sweet Molly. Can I watch you digest him for breakfast?”
Molly blinked as blood suddenly returned to her brain along with some semblance of reason. She stepped forward and offered her hand to her annoyingly sexy new partner, noting the clean masculine scent of his energy that only someone with supernatural senses would detect. “Welcome to the Vortex, Detective Guthrie. I assume Cleo told you I have no need and no desire for a partner?”
As his large hand engulfed hers, she fought not to gasp at the sensations skyrocketing through her body. Her nipples hardened uncomfortably under her satin bra and need gathered low in her belly like a slumbering dragon just stirring.
Damn girl, get hold of yourself. You’re a succubus—not a fumbling virgin! But then, no man had affected her this way since the one who’d cursed her to her fate as a succubus long ago. Now men were just food or customers—nothing more, nothing less. She gave herself a mental slap.
“Cleo didn’t tell me anything other than you were my partner and our case is about a succubus.” He smiled, flashing even white teeth and a boyish grin that threatened to buckle her knees and turn her into a quivering pile of goo on the floor at his feet. “Let’s just say when she wasn’t being prickly about her stint on the Egyptian throne, she was being a general pain in my ass.” He looked back at Rocky before returning his all-seeing gaze to her. “I wasn’t given a choice about this either, so why don’t we make the best of it, and forego the part of the morning where you digest me for breakfast?”