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Writing To Soundtracks – The New Trend in Writing

Lately I’ve heard of a bunch of people jumping on the bandwagon of writing to Soundtracks.
I had never heard of this before last year when my friend Cheyenne McCray mentioned that she does it.
I had always written and just tuned everything else out.  (Hey, I grew up in a household full of people who yelled and now I have a kid, I’m good at tuning out excess noise)  I can even write and ignore TV unless it’s a movie I really like.  🙂  But I knew I couldn’t write to music with words, because then I tend to type the words, which doesn’t really help my WIP and would most likely get me into trouble for copyright violation.
But when Cheyenne suggested it, she told me that some of those soundtracks are such great mood music that it really enhanced her writing.  So, I figured, what the hell, right?  I have nothing to lose if it doesn’t work.  I had a few soundtracks sitting around the house, Star Wars and The Mummy, so I loaded them up on my iPOD and took them with me for my midday Starbucks writing time.
I was amazed at the difference that writing to soundtracks made in my writing.  Cheyenne was completely right.  The “mood” of the soundtracks really fired my creativity and my productivity, so now my iPOD is a staple whenever I write away from the house and sometimes when I’m here.  (Sorry, honey – it was really hard for me to write while you were playing guitar and singing and the TV was going in the background…)     Anyway, having the headphones in and being surrounded by this huge, mood music really helped me suck myself deep inside the story and I think my writing was much better because of it.
I’ve expanded my soundtracks to include Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2 & 3, Mummy 2 and Van Helsing.  I just stick them on shuffle and let them play.  It’s not really the individual songs – although if I’m in a tender love scene and something bloodthirsty or battle sounding comes on – I can just forward past it.  And for the most part – I don’t even really “hear” the music, but the mood definitely steeps inside my unconscious.
I’d love to add to my collection.  Things like The Bourne Identity, The Rock, Harry Potter (any of them), and Robin Hood.  If anyone else has some good ones to share – let me know and I’ll add them to my Wish List for my family J
Happy Writing!